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I am starting a weekly "Her Wisdoms" email hoping that it will support your self-empowerment journey. Every Tuesday you will receive a thought to ponder. This is not the same as an affirmation, but more like a "daily reading"; however, this is something that I hope you will ponder all week long.  My wish is that you will print off the "Her Wisdoms" and read it several times during your breaks throughout the day. Why?  My desire is that there will be some Wisdom in these "Her Wisdoms" emails, which will help us all create a better world. My goal is to support the empowerment of women and girls, and if a man out there enjoys these messages, too, I am pleased as well.

Judgment is a thief of the "present moment". It instantly takes us out of the moment and steals our awareness. We either go into the future or into the past when we judge.

Judging impedes the flow of Life's Energy, whether we are criticizing or judging ourselves or others. Judging is like stepping on a garden hose and cutting off the water supply; we clog the flow of the source. We actually "go dumb" or unconscious for that moment. We lose our awareness and common sense. Consequently, once we re-gain consciousness we make mistakes that we are sorry for later.

Living in the "moment"-being here and not there-is an essential empowerment tool and it all comes by "Living from the Heart".

What is more important than "this moment" anyway? Nothing! Why? Because there is nothing beyond this moment and deep down inside you know this fact; therefore, give all your attention to "the moment" and be present with it and live a life of ease and flow.

Ask yourself this question. "Can I completely be in two places at once?"  "Can I truly multi-task without one of these things suffering?"  "Is multi-tasking a trick of the mind?" Yes, of course it is because it is impossible for anyone to do two things well simultaneously… even if you are a woman! 😉 


Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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