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Accepting Things As They Are


Accepting our lives as they are and the willingness to embrace what is, rather than resisting and desiring something “other,” is a trans-formative act. The mere acceptance of our lives, “as is,” cre­ates tranquility, space for the new, and gives way to understand­ing. As a result, we will feel more empowered.

When we equally feel our successes and failures, acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses, bask in our joy and lament in our pain… we then become at peace with what is. Consequently, we move quickly through the otherwise in-depth laboring process of resistance or non-acceptance. We must give ourselves permission to feel both sides of the dualities of life in order to be in touch with our souls and to be fully alive in our heart’s passion.

Acceptance allows us to open to the natural occurring peace, which is always waiting inside of us. The action of acceptance instantly transforms our resistance into freedom…the power we are longing!

Living a life of acceptance removes blockage and allows opportu­nities to continuously flow to us so that we may choose our next experiences more wisely. This is known as or referred to as evolu­tion.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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