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Being Grateful


This week, the AboutWisdom Team is taking time to be grate­ful and appreciative for all good that has been bestowed upon us. We thank you for all your support and kindness with our business of bringing wisdom into the world through the hearts of women and girls. This is an impossible mission without you. We hold you in our hearts and prayers during this special holi­day week. Thank you!

Like many, we have felt the sting of this tough economy, as some call it, yet we are finding within our hearts thanksgiving for being alive and well enough to sit at a table of plenty, and share with our loved ones… that many do not have the opportu­nity to enjoy across the nation.

Many of us are troubled and have never gone through anything like this recession, or what I prefer to call the “great awaken­ing” and “unweaving” of our world. Instead of seeking peace and understanding, from our heart’s wisdom, we give away our power and peace by allowing the influence of the media, family and friends to spill fears over us; therefore, clouding our view from the truth.

Why not give it a break this Thanksgiving holiday? Be an “up­lifter” to all around you! Live from your heart’s wisdom and stay centered, even though those around you may began chat­tering about woes. We must see the good from all this “mess” we are experiencing. The truth is, the world needs to be unrav­eled, as it is not working for the good of all. Deep inside of our hearts… we know this to be truth! Even though this depressed time can be fearful and painful… we must take a stand and sup­port our brothers and sisters anyway that we can, whether it be emotionally, physically, spiritually or financially.

Ask yourself, “What am I doing to support those around me?” During this time of gratitude, seek your heart’s wisdom to have more clarity so that we may be sowers of new seeds in lieu of joining the “nay-sayers.”

The AboutWisdom team and other great businesses around Ft Wayne are working together to offer an empowerment seminar to support women during this time of economic fear. Join us – become a part by alerting women about our special event on Dec 5th. This empowerment seminar will offer inspiration and education to women and gift them with supportive tools, which may be put to use during these rough times. This is our holiday gift to women.

If you haven’t already read the seminar flyer that we sent out last week, and haven’t seen this awesome opportunity for women, go back and read the info. If you deleted that email flyer, write us at to request a new copy. This is a FREE, sponsored event, valued at $85.00, which includes: the 2 hr. seminar, our award-winning book, holiday breads and coffee in the morning and lunch after the event. If you want to support women, get them to this event on Dec 5th and let this be your part of empowering of others. Thank you.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving meal and celebrate the good that has been bestowed upon you and during this time keep in prayer our many families across the nation who are not as blessed.

Once again, remember how much the AboutWisdom Team, ap­preciates you!

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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