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Coming Apart


Does your world feel like it is coming apart and things dy­ing… with all of the upheaval that is going on? Relax. This is a good thing. Most of the businesses and organizations, rules and regulations, etc. that are coming apart, need to change be­cause they are not working and never have. This breaking down is the method that the Universe uses to rid herself of what does not work and make way for the new. There is a wise approach to what is going on in our world and our personal lives today. This approach is to see the good that can spring forth from this recession... instead of holding on to what no longer works and fighting for the old way. The intelligent approach is to decide to rebuild our individual lives and our new business world using our wisdom. This can only be accomplished when we re-weave our world using our hearts. Perhaps better understanding how the Universe comes apart and re-emerges will give us more confidence that it is necessary for all things to end or die to only re-emerge for the better, thusly this recession or what I prefer to call it this re-organizing by the Universe.

Now let’s establish that there is no such thing as death – death of anything. There is only a process of breaking things down and coming apart; however, only to re-emerge for something new and hopefully a better creation. There is no “real death” as our minds have defined it. This is what frightens us when our world appears to be falling apart… the belief in death or dissolution. Nature must birth, death, and rebirth. This is her natural func­tion. Nature gives birth to the new through re-cycling.

Our sense of loss arises from our mind-set of the naturally oc­curring process of dissolving and re-emerging. The human mind has learned to define “dissolution” as something awful and bad, which sets us up for monstrous fear. Additionally, the mind cannot see beyond the senses and refuses to have a consultation with the heart. As a result, we suffer greatly from any emotional change or dismantling.

Take a moment to look around you. Where do you see complete dissolution? Science proves that nothing dies, rather the energy changes form. Nothing escapes the universe, nor can we destroy energy. The natural changes come about only to be re-merge again. We see this in our day to day lives; in regards, to every­thing we experience from people, to businesses, to things, to events – we watch “energy” unravel only to re-emerge. The re-emerging gives us each the opportunities to re-create something better.

When we can view life as it truly is: constantly unraveling and being rewoven into something new, we will view the Universe as a friendly and safe place to live. It will also empower us to have a healthy outlook on life. Life has a natural order of recy­cling.

Like a golden chalice being melted down only to be re-shaped into a platter; all life is constantly coming apart only to be re­cycled or re-emerged into something new – using energy that has always been on the planet. Anything built by our ego-mind has no depth or foundation to stand and eventually must unravel for a better design and better function… thus what is going on right now in our world.

Even creations that are designed for the good of all life even­tually must dismantle for improvement, because we are never “finished.” Ultimately, Life is a process of evolution… and the sooner we accept this truth the more empowered we will be.

When we learn to live and create, from our heart’s minds, change or the unraveling will not seem so dramatic; however, this unraveling process will still go on. When we understand the laws of the universe and know that the Universe is self-orga­nizing even without us, we will be a lot happier with our lives and can trust the process of the unraveling and the re-emerging energy for a new world or new thing/event/relationship in our lives.

We must come in to harmony with the unraveling of our person­al lives and world. We are presently witnessing the unraveling process in almost every aspect of life. This is a positive thing, because there are many “things” built in our world using the ego mind. We must get in a place that allows our lives to unravel what is unnecessary and allow the process of reweaving to be­gin. Hopefully, in the reweaving of the new world cloth and our personal lives, we will shift into the awareness of how all life is important and connected.

Let our focus be not on a great recession; rather on a giant un­raveling and a re-emerging to build a world that benefits us personally and globally. We must gather up the threads of our individual lives and reweave a world that serves all.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

© AW 2009, Revised © AW 2010

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