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Dancing with Change through the Fourth Innate Power of Love, the Green Rose


In each power there contains voluminous Wisdom, which provides us, with the Knowledge that we need to live an abundant life. Our task, or opportunity, is to open up our innate wisdom and live this wisdom in our daily lives. Pausing several times a day to be still and re-connect to our deeper heart allows Wisdom to flow into our existence, supporting us with moment-to-moment Knowledge to live a joyful life.

I have titled this week’s topic, Dancing with Change, since change seems to be the world’s buzz word of the day, especially in the U.S. I thought it might be helpful to write about our responsibility and need to participate, as spiritual beings for change.

My intention is that this article immediately aids and empowers you to empower other people. Together we can make a difference in the world by embracing change for the good, the good that is being presented to us right now by the Universe, in this very hour, in our own backyard.

The U.S. is going through a tremendous metamorphous in consciousness and hopefully the majority of humanity will awaken from the slumber and take action for a much needed change.  Although, we could sit by simply talking about “what they should do” and forget that we are “they”. We should be a part of the solution by voting in order to create this change we are all squawking about.  Pro-active is the operative word here.

This is the dawning of a new consciousness, one we have been longing and praying for. This new way of being is available to everyone, providing we take action and open to the new way of being and do it now.  It is here waiting for the taking.

In order for the country to shift it only needs a few more awaken souls to say, Hail! Yes! to Change. This then will cause the tipping point!  When enough people can be brave enough to make the inescapable journey to The Heart, the new consciousness will be present.

The future of the new world is in our hands. We have an impressive task before us, an awesome opportunity and even a responsibility to decide right now to Dance with Change, by becoming a transformer for good instead of part of the problem. Which will it be for you?

The eminent question is….will you be a part of the change or the problem?  Some people say they feel helpless and have allowed hopelessness to set in. The poor folks say that voting does not make a difference, so why vote?  I believe that these weary souls are asleep and snoring at the wheel of life and need us to give them a supportive nudge to “wake-up!”  I also hear another mind-set who say that the candidates for president are neither one a good choice, so why vote?  These different mind-sets are simply afflicted by unconsciousness; therefore, let us send them love to awaken their souls.

We are being asked, by Wisdom, to rise up out of the murk and to move forward in our evolutionary path. Sometimes we must choose the lesser of the two evils. If that be the case, go into your heart and select the higher choice of the two. Again, I exhort you to be intrepid and to “take on the change” that the Universe is offering you this very minute.

Aware souls go into their hearts daily and ask for Wisdom to guide them on how to live during radical changing times and how to make wise choices when given the opportunity.  Aware people take action and are pro-active because they understand that this is why they are on Earth-to make a difference for the good of all involved, to participant in evolution, to bring Wisdom into the world.

Will you take the time to ask your heart for Wisdom and direction? Will you be a responsible being of this planet to create good?

Change is a gift from God, which ensures us of the continuity of life…eternity. Without change the present condition of our country will continue to go down, it already has the snowball effect. Change is a natural process of life and when we resist we can expect chaos.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

© AW 2009, Revised © AW 2010

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