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Dark Night Sky


People ask me to explain, in a simplistic way, how “life” is one liv­ing organism, connected and working in harmony as a whole. I like to explain this phenomenon in a metaphor, which I received one morning during my meditation. I believe not only is “wholeness or oneness” easier to understand in a “story,” but also more entertain­ing and easier to recall to pass on.

The Dark-night sky metaphor:

The midnight sky is a perfect illustration and metaphor of explain­ing how all Life is connected… humanity and nature + the unknown. The next dark-night sky, when the stars are highly visible, take a few minutes to gaze into the heavens and see with your heart’s eye, while simultaneously viewing with your physical eyes. With your mind focused in your heart-center, note the myriad of stars support­ed by the blanket of the dark sky.

You will notice that a certain amount of stars appear larger and brighter than others. And various stars will seem to have a soft glowing light, some will loom, while others fade in and out. One star may jet across the night sky. Several will grow dim, dissolve and fall into space, while some stars form patterns and designs in the night sky displayed as diamonds on black velvet. Other stars are hidden by the naked eye. And still some stars emerge to be alone, yet brightly shinning “doing their thing.” The midnight sky is their foundation and without her darkness they could not be seen… even in their brightest light.

The dark-night sky is a powerful metaphor for The Whole of Life and The Heart Behind Everything (as my teacher-friend Conrad Satala calls her) and the illumined stars are her creations. Each star is life in her myriad glorious forms, some brighter and larger than others, yet each star is supported and connected by the same dark-night sky. All have the same foundation from which they shine and live.

What we can gain from this metaphor, as we pause to view the dark-night sky, is that each star can be seen as a point of con­sciousness and that these points of consciousness (all life forms) are unified and supported by the same powerful Source: the Dark-Night Sky.

 Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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