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During unsettling times such as we are presently experiencing, we each need to find a way to stay focused on our essential mission to create a better world. This may not always be easy when we are bombarded with constant “bad news” from every form of media.

In order to face the fears that surround the world today we need only to see the truth of the situation and then it will begin to fade and lessen its grip on us.  I don’t mean our world issues will go away, but rather we will be able to see clearly the benefits that are coming out of the whole “darn mess”.  We fill find the pony underneath the pile of manure.

Before we can rebuild a better world or future, the old world must be broken down and replaced by the new. What we are now witnessing is of immense significance.  We are watching the “worn out” ways disappear. The old ways are being rapidly replaced by the new. Hopefully these new ways will be created by using wisdom and not by the ego-mind once again.

Positive change will only come about when; we choose to bring wisdom back into the world as our guide for living and creating. When we create from our ego-minds without heart-wisdom, we create good only for ourselves and a chosen few. When we create from the consciousness of wisdom, we create good for all involved… thus producing that good world so many of us want to help bring about.

Below is an exercise to support you, especially during this transition of our turbulent world from ego-mind to heart-wisdom. By using this exercise it will help you stay focused on what’s important for you and the entire world, plus it will give you “new eyes” to see what is truly happening all around you as the old systems break down and new ones begin to build.

Heart Loop Exercise: There is a natural, constant internal and unconscious dialogue going on with our hearts and minds. And we can choose to have a constant conscious dialogue with our hearts and minds as well. We only need to go to that quite place within ourselves, be still and allow our hearts and minds to do what is natural. I encourage you to daily go into that still place in your heart where wisdom resides and commune with it so that you can see the truth about what is going on in your world.

Did you know:
Neurocardiologists have found that 60% to 65% of the cells in the human heart are actually neural cells and not muscle cells as previously believed.  These cells are identical to the neural cells in the human brain.  Quite literally there is a “brain in the heart”.

As more and more people begin to use the heart loop, more and more good will arrive and answers will come, which were once thought, by the mind, impossible.  You can help bring in this new way of being into our world by passing on this heart loop information to your family and friends, Let’s support each other by sharing the information about the heart loop.

The mind thinks in limited ways. The heart has no limits. Which will it be for you?

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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