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Does God Actually Speak to Us?


*To honor the feminine and masculine principles of God, we will use the pronouns He and She interchangeably throughout this article.

The answer is yes! And ALL the time, providing we are paying attention… living in the moment. God is everywhere and in everything, but oftentimes what we really want to know is She speaking directly and personally to us?  To you?  To me?  To anyone?  Or does God only speak to the few ordained and anointed spiritual teachers of the cloak?  Here's a question for you. Why is it such an odd concept for God to speak to every living being in Her creation?

We do not believe that God speaks to us is because we have separated ourselves from nature, each other, and even from our own bodies. We have lost our sensitivity and put aside our ability to "hear" God or know when He is trying to get our attention to communicate. We all know that if you want an intimate relationship with a loved one, you must build a friendship, not just by talking, but by listening as well and getting to know one another. It's the same with God – it is important for us to tell Him our woes and to ask for guidance, but many times we talk and talk and do not "hear" the answers we are looking for. Why? For many reasons.

Because of our indoctrination, many of us believe that God should be "made in the form of man or a woman" and should speak to us in a human voice like many of the great scriptures quote. We look for a voice or specific words and often wait for Her to speak to us directly so that we can receive our answers quickly and clearly. But, most of the time we sit and complain that God is not listening or answering our requests when the truth is that we are not allowing Her to select the method to communicate with us.

If we listen closely, we will see that God is talking to us – just maybe not the way we want or expect. We need to realize that He uses many forms to communicate and give us the answers we are waiting for. And the more we are open to the different ways that God communicates with us, the more conversations we will have.

We also often decide exactly how, when, and where we will communicate, listen to, or be with God. We restrict and confine Her usually to a church, temple, synagogue, or some perfect setting and specific hour. And then we wait and hope that God will speak in the exact way we have anticipated. Unfortunately, this does not happen as often as we would like and it's no wonder so few of us have any life-changing experiences!

By paying careful attention, we can learn to recognize God's voice in Its various forms and settings. Sometimes His voice is merely a child's laugh and you get to figure out the message in that vibration of ecstasy. Other times it is an elder's tender smile, a friend's tight hug, a word that grabs your attention from a billboard or magazine, a song on the radio, a bird flying in your direct path, a specific animal resting in your garden, the fragrance of a flower, the shade of a tree, the roar of the ocean, or the quiet spell a after rain. Sometimes it's even the small voice in your own head that you may pass off as nonsensical chatter. All of these examples are God speaking to us! We need only to interpret the answers through our heart's wisdom.

Why do we limit when, where, and how God communicates with us when the truth is that She is everywhere and that we do not have to wait to have a "chat"? We can simply "be" with God 24-7-365. How many times has God sent us a message and we have ignored or denied it, or maybe didn't like or agree with the answer? Our minds/egos labeled the answer as a coincidence and let it go at that!  We brushed it aside and continued to beg for answers to our needs and desires.  Why do we choose to deny the obvious?  Because we think too much with our minds and not enough with our hearts! That's why!

God is in everything and speaks to us using many of His creations. The pain we suffer, for so-called unanswered prayers, is immense; yet, the answers to our needs and concerns are right before our heart's "eye". God cannot get any closer to us. He is a part of us and lives inside of us, but since we want to believe that we are separate from Him, unworthy of His love, we continue to suffer and our prayers go unanswered. Go figure!

God is in constant communication with us. We just need to pay attention and recognize Her subtle ways. Because of the sensationalism in our world today we expect God to answer according to a glamorized concept. But, God is not as theatrical as the movies make Her out to be, nor as dramatic as some spiritual teachers claim. God does not usually speak to us through a burning bush or a lightning bolt trying to get our attention. Therefore, we must look for our communication with Her in ways that only our hearts could understand and not our minds. There we will find Her waiting for our "fireside chat".

God's communication with us is delicate, gentle and intimate. And He is always guiding everything and everyone, breath by breath, to a better life. Our hearts hear Him whispering to us moment by moment, nudging the way to awareness. To hear that voice we simply need to tune in with our heart's wisdom and see with our heart's "eye". This would be like selecting a radio station and locating the clearest signal possible. Waking up to the signal is your quest. Listen. Listen. Listen. Tune in, become still, and listen to God's soft and gentle "music", and your ears will become accustomed to His voice. Once you know that voice, you are changed forever and life becomes extremely different for you.

This week, practice "dialing into" your private station with God. Take the time to find the specific ways that She is communicating with you and tune into that "station". Look for the subtle signs that She is sending you. Then, and only then, will you realize that God does actually speak to each and every one of us, and we will have created the intimate relationship with Her that we have always wanted.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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