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Does God Answer Our Prayers?


*Once again, to honor the feminine and masculine principles of God, we will use the pronouns He and She interchangeably throughout this article.

Last week we discussed how to identify and be open to the different ways that God speaks to us. Many of us have placed conditions on how, where, and when God should communicate with us, thus making our communication with Her difficult, even non-existent. We learned that it is important to accept the different ways, times, and places that She speaks to us so that we can develop that intimate relationship with Her we are seeking. We came to realize that it easy for us to see Her gifts and answers providing we are open to the non-conventional ways She answers our requests. This week we will delve into that subject a little more and ask the question, "Does God answer our prayers?"

The ways we have been educated about how God delivers or answers prayers is preposterous, and at times laughable. We are told to sit and wait for a clear sign or a big "voice" to speak to us and give us the answers directly and straightforward, when the truth is that we should be looking for the subtle and sometimes simple messages that are right in front of our eyes. To our disadvantage, our unrealistic expectations of God's communication with us leads to disappointment, and we oftentimes give up on believing that He answers prayers at all, and we may even stop believing in Him period!

Untouched or unopened answered prayers lie covering the planet piled up like gigantic glaciers. They're everywhere, beautifully wrapped or disguised in fascinating packages right in front of our eyes, awaiting our recognition and claiming. Yes, God does answer our every prayer and request, and it arrives at the perfect time and place for us. So, why don't we see them?

Could it be that we are looking without truly seeing that our myriads of answers are right in our own backyard, like in the book "Acres of Diamonds" written by Russell Cromwell? Eyes seeing without insight have no sight. All good books say that God answers every request or prayer, but many times we complain that they haven't been answered. Maybe we need to look with a different "eye"?  Maybe we need to look and listen with our heart's "eye" and not our mind's "eye".

We are a society that stays in our heads too long and thinks too much with our minds instead of using our hearts and our intuition to recognize our answered prayers. The answers are all within us and we need only to "see" with our heart's "eye", our intuition, to retrieve them. Again, I must remind you that we each have been conditioned to see only those answers or things that are plopped right down in front of us, and the truth is that we almost have to "trip" over our answers to even see them. When we follow our intuition, which flows from our hearts, we can see, feel, and hear the countless ways God gives us answers, messages, hope, encouragement, and the life we so deserve and desire.

Today, decide to open up to your intuition, to the voice of God, and watch Her show up in all Her glory. Go to the chamber of your heart and live moment by moment in that sanctuary of your soul.  Watch God send resolve. Understand the resolutions that are present and be willing to accept and trust them and see where they lead. God always has your best interest at heart in your heart.  Use your heart's wisdom and your intuition to see that your answers are present.

Using your inner-knowing and heart's wisdom builds your personal power and the more you use it, the more you will see for yourself that God speaks directly to you and answers your prayers in a customized way – just for you! Imagine that!
This is one of the reasons that WisdomDollsTM created the Persephone doll, the Goddess of Intuition. She teaches us to trust and use to our intuition. Placing a Persephone doll by your bedside or on your desk will trigger your memory to use your heart's wisdom and your powerful intuition daily. She is the symbol of your intuitive self. Every glance of your Persephone doll will help bring forth your innate heart wisdom and intuitive power, on a conscious level as well as a deep unconscious level, and truly bring about changes of empowerment in your life. Symbols like WisdomDollsTM work faster than any self-help book. Today, place your doll nearby and watch her support your spiritual evolution.

In our newly arrived book, "Sophia and the Seven Goddesses: A Journey of Self-Acceptance", Goddess Persephone gives the gift of Intuition to our young heroine in the story. She teaches her to trust herself and listen to her heart. This book was written to empower all women and girls by helping them to love and accept themselves just as they are and to become more aware of their innate gifts, like intuition. The book additionally supports women and girls in using their power in a meaningful way by helping them to feel strong and empowered when using it.

Rejoice this week that God does answer your prayers and speaks directly to you! The evidence is all around you! Just open your heart's "eye" and see!

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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