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Does Passion and Creative Wisdom belong in the Workplace?



Businesses need to allow and encourage more passion and creative wisdom in the workplace from their teams, that is, if they want to get through this “tuff economy.” I have experienced, in my many years of working with corporations, that one of the principle reasons for people making statements like “Monday already?” or “TGIF!” is because we are not allowed to bring our creative-selves to work. And when this becomes a mandate… businesses lose out because people leave their passion and creative wisdom at home, or suppress it. We come to work split off. This causes tremendous stress. We are told to leave our emotions at home, and as a result, our passion and cre­ative wisdom remains there too. Ahhh, much needed qualities in the workplace remain home alone! Do businesses truly expect people to take their emotional lives off, as if they are pieces of clothing, and place them on a shelf until they return home? Anything repressed eventually finds a way out, and when it does, it is not usually pretty!

Most of us have learned, or studied, that our emotions are strongly connected to our passion, which spawns creativity, or what I prefer to call creative wisdom, the “gold” that businesses seek and desperately need and often out source to find. Is there fear about bringing emo­tions to work? Does this mean some days it may be difficult watching someone cry, be upset or sad? Isn’t this a high price to pay for cre­ative wisdom? Businesses are paying for it, whether they understand this truth or not, when instructing people to be something they cannot. We are not just a mind. We are also emotional beings and and with this comes many priceless gifts – sensitivity, passion and cre­ative wisdom, intuition, etc.

When we are not allowed to express ourselves fully, and I am not re­ferring to projecting our “stuff” on other people, and having to moni­tor our excitement, laughter, good humor, joy, tears, pain, so forth and so on, about our “other life”…. work becomes a dreaded place to go. Many of us have to feign our enthusiasm just to keep our jobs. And enthusiasm is another natural by-product of passion. We have become a dis-passionate society in the name of “being professional,” and being professional is a disease of the ego! No wonder we say loudly at the end of the week, “Thank God It’s Friday.” I believe it’s an unconscious prayer!

Businesses, now more than ever, need passionate people in the workplace being free to use their creative wisdom. The unraveling of business, as we now know it, has been a good thing. Many busi­nesses have become stale, dull, heavy, greedy, exclusive, uncreative, completely bottom-line-focused, regardless of who or what, and boring to their team because the “heart” of business has been stabbed and corporate America is bleeding to death from the lack of creative wisdom. Let us not try to stop the bleeding with a band-aid this time. Instead, let us empower businesses with our passion and creative wis­dom by taking our passion to work and being fully human!

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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