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Ego-Mind or Wisdom-Mind


We can know anything at anytime, providing we are willing to live from our "heart-mind" rather than from our ego-mind. The heart-mind instantly lets us know that we are connected to each other and to all that exist. From the heart connection we have all the wisdom needed to live a fulfilling and abundant life. Simply being still, asking, listening, feeling and allowing the answers to flow into us.

The ego-mind, on the other hand, contradicts and separates us from one another trying to convince us that we are alone and without answers. Consequently, we greatly suffer for we come to believe this lie. The ego is a necessary element of being human and we need it; however, most ego's are psychotic and need to be healed by the heart's wisdom.

The heart-mind connection is the secret to knowing our personal wisdom, moment by moment. We first must be aware that we have a choice of thinking through our hearts' wisdom-mind or through our conditioned ego-mind. Our intention could be to become consciously aware of the difference between heart-thinking and ego-thinking.

How do we know whether we are living from our ego-mind or our heart-mind? Here's a quiz. Ask yourself:

  • "Am I stressed, overwhelmed, often feel powerless and pressured?"
  • "Do I usually think from a mindset of blame (myself or others), guilt, judgment, or comparison?"
  • "Do I believe that there is only one right way to get things accomplished or to live?"

How do we choose the "heart-mind" journey? Simply reserve a period of time daily, to go into the closet of our hearts, and learn everything we need to know… yes, even stress relief!  Amazingly, the more time we spend "being still," the easier it is to hear wisdom and get our list done. She is like a river flowing into us, regenerating us and filling us with our own creative life answers.

Let us make an intention to set aside time each day to listen to our hearts' wisdom before we take on our "crazy-busy day."  This is an intelligent choice. We always want to know the answers and here they are… right in the center of our hearts, yet we seem not to find time to listen for them.  Are we willing to set aside 10 minutes daily to find our heart's wisdom or will we continue to live our stress filled, chaotic lives?

10 minutes of stillness or 24 hours of stress?

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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