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I have a strong conviction that the “answer” for our nation’s social ills is: AWARENESS.
Self-awareness leads to self-empowerment and empowerment is the only true solution for the world’s massive problems. Some may doubt this, so I offer additional information and insight. I know that once a person becomes aware and empowered, that soul cannot be manipu­lated. An empowered person has good intentions and they live from their hearts daily fulfilling their dreams and goals. Because empowerment comes from self-awareness, the actions of em­powered souls are for the betterment of personal growth and those around them, empowerment is for the good of all and this includes all living things.

Most individuals do not live empowered lives. Most of us, re­gardless of our educational level, live unaware of our natural power and capabilities. If this seems to appear as over simplifi­cation for the cure of our ills, consider this. Our nation “throws” billions of dollars at social issues and problems. Ask yourself: Why do we spend over 6 times more money to house a pris­oner than we do to educate a child? Why do we still have an epidemic of teen pregnancies? Why do so many of our youth belong to gangs, take drugs and drop out of school at alarm­ing rates? Why do we still have so much domestic violence in a civilized world? Why do we create so many programs to take care of people who simply lack self-awareness?

The truth is, when people are empowered most of the social ills that we presently deal with, disappear. The main issue, globally, is that most of us have either low, inflated or a total lack of self-awareness. One must question why a nation like the United States doesn’t focus more on empowering people, instead of “dis-empowering” them. All through the ages, every wise per­son has said that empowering people allows them to live a ful­filled purposeful life. Simply put, “The answers are within.”

Many leaders of agencies, organizations, businesses and govern­ment have marvelous and powerful intentions for solving social issues. So why do we have little to no progress? Simply, most of these well intended groups leave out the essential ingredient of self-empowerment. It may be in their mission statement, but too often it is an afterthought.

So what action do we take? Knowing we will never have enough agencies, money or time to fix our world issues, we must de­cide to look at the root of these issues and know that promoting awareness, from a very early age, allows us to move forward. My book “Sophia and the Seven Goddesses: A Journey of Self Acceptance” was created to be an entertaining, yet educat­ing book for pre-teens. By demonstrating how to use the seven natural attributes, which we each have, the book encourages and inspires children (and their adult readers) to accept themselves as they are, discover their intuitive wisdom and become empow­ered to create a better world. This is one of my gifts to children. We each must begin offering tools of empowerment.

When an infant is reminded throughout childhood, that she is a gift to the world, born with special talents which must be developed for the sake of all, then this child has a completely different perspective on life. When a child understands that he is endowed from birth with enough wisdom to accomplish re­markable dreams and to make good choices for life, we have an empowered child. Until we join together and decide what the major issue truly is and work together toward the empowerment of others, we will continue to face the same chaos.

The best way to keep our children off the streets, off drugs, pre­vent teen pregnancies, from being abused, etc., is to spend our personal and social resources on empowering our children from the inside out. Despite language, religion or politics, we must all agree on “empowerment.” We must teach children to understand that within each of them is a child who is born wise, talented and inherently good. No child is born in a state of unworthiness. Once a child understands that the Source of All Life loves him/her, this child is empowered because he/she knows “they count.” Once a child is empowered, he/she empowers others, having the understanding that this is the way of life.

We must breakdown our cultural patterns of thinking and acting and begin to own the fact that we are all children of The One. There is no value in arguing over the titles and principles of man-made religions about this One. We must live in love and do what we were asked to do by this One on the day we were born… “live our heavenly intention and remember who and what we are.”

So what can you do? Eliminate the “worn out” thinking (which hasn’t gotten us far) and open up to discovering even more of who and what you are and then pass it on. Make a commitment today to empower every adult and child you come in contact with. Remember this fact… we don’t need more programs, we need to restructure the present ones. What we must do is sim­ple… own and accept who and what we are and empower oth­ers to do likewise.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

© AW 2009, Revised © AW 2010

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