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Empowering Ourselves by Recognizing Our Soul’s Uniqueness


We must acknowledge and embrace who we are and how spe­cial we are, otherwise we will always feel envy, jealously, live in fear, and become insecure about our own unique talents and beauty. It is our responsibility to recognize and celebrate our innate gifts. It is our duty to live our life courageously without apology, as we love our individuality! To comprehend that we have been endowed with wisdom to guide our distinct lives to our ultimate fulfillment… is to be liberated from the bonds of the ego-mind. Our ego-mind says that we are powerless, born unworthy, and have no “real” purpose in life. It is often easier to believe these lies than to work on revealing our truth. Once we see our truth and accept who we are… we can easily let go of the “old self” and allow the Universe to unravel our negative ways of being. As a result, we will open up to our potentiality of living a happy life. First, we must release our old patterns in order to be renewed and restored. This unraveling process is sometimes painful; however, only for the mind, while the heart rejoices upon freeing up the heavy energy. The old energies now can be transformed and used for our new life. I want to mention, that with our new power comes responsibility and accountabil­ity, which we must also welcome.

Most of us are not willing to “pay the price” of letting go of our tattered and exhausted ways of being, even though, they do not work. We have become accustomed to living a small life, a life that is all too familiar, and repetitive. We hesitate to explore what is truly in store for us. Fear consumes and paralyzes us. As a result, we decide to stay put and justify the “hows” and “whys” of our miserable lives. Many of us have been condi­tioned to believe that only a few chosen people have the “talents and gifts” to live an abundant successful life; therefore, we settle for a mundane existence of mediocrity.

Today you can begin a new life! You may accept the power of your uniqueness by simply stating that you are willing to let go of things that no longer serve you and actions that are not the true you. Then, ask your heart’s center for wisdom.

I encourage you to spend time each day getting in touch with the possibilities of the “authentic powerful you” whom is wait­ing for your recognition and ownership. This unique person, whom is hidden deeply within your soul, has been waiting to be welcomed into your life. Try speaking to your soul. Clasp your hands over your heart’s center and ask to be shown your potentiality and your individuality. View your birth gifts from heart’s vantage point. Ultimately, you will experience a change in your life, because your soul will converse with you and you no longer can use an excuse. As you recognize your potential­ity, you are transformed and you began to manifest your deepest dreams.

What will it be? Are you willing to own your uniqueness and allow it to shine through so that you live an empowered life? It only takes a few minutes to center in your heart, connect to your soul and have a conversation. Go ahead be tenacious, follow your soul’s prompting.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

© AW 2009, Revised © AW 2010

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