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Empowering School Students with Purpose


Yesterday, I participated in a networking project with a high-school class of juniors in Fort Wayne, IN. I gleaned noteworthy information from the interaction with these bright young men and women. The students are studying business and their project was to network with the business volunteers sharing their con­cepts.

The concepts or inventions had to address a consumer need that is not presently in the market. There was a variety of creative ideas and many of them could be developed into thriving busi­nesses. I was proud to be a part of the workshop.

All of the students blew me away with their creativity and their ability to express their ideas. One particular young man stunned me with his idea. He had expanded his concept into a world mis­sion, where he would design a product that would benefits oth­ers, while still making a profit. I was impressed with his vision, he deeply touched my heart!

Every student either desired to improve an already established form of technology making life easier and/or keeping people safer. Additionally, students wanted to improve sports/recre­ational related products.

Out of twenty-some students, only one young man had an ac­tual “soul” intention, this also concerned me. This young man wanted to create a system of water-wells that would supply water for a particular area in Africa. His idea was great and well formulated. As he shared his vision, I felt his passion and con­cern for others. He expressed to me that many villages in Africa have to share five gallons of water among its inhabitants. I real­ized as we spoke, that he had either done his research well, had a mission-oriented family, or an inspiring mentor. Of course, this young many touched me deeply as he shared his vision and story. I wanted to reach out and hug him, but of course, with school rules, I did not. I quickly noticed that he was connected to his “soul’s purpose” and was listening to his heart. He would indeed, in the near future, accomplish his dream or even some­thing bigger. He had chosen an idea that would create a better world; it was a soulful project. I absolutely felt his determi­nation to achieve his vision of bringing water to the people of Africa. He had what it takes…  energy, heart, focus, and power behind his dream.  I believe in him.

Why didn’t more of these amazing juniors have their “soul’s purpose” guiding their project? Who is going to teach them this essential key to real success? This should be the first step in teaching business, should it not?

Why aren’t we teaching our young adults to first look into their hearts and ask their souls, “Why am I on earth, what is my pur­pose?” There is nothing wrong with teaching young people a purposeful life. It is the only way to change our world. We need each young person’s “soul’s purpose” developed in order to bring forth a better world. Children are our future, and if they are not connected to their souls when making business decisions, our world will not change. We need businesses that have integ­rity and that are built for the good of all… this can only come about when our children rebuild our world from their soul’s intentions.

I left the classroom grateful to have experienced this opportu­nity. The children had taught me a great deal. I went away with many gifts in my heart, yet a deep sadness, which lingered over me most of the day. When do we start bringing awareness into our educational systems to let our children know that they each have a “soul purpose” that they should fulfill? We must teach our children that they should create “soulful” businesses and not businesses that simply make a lot of money!

We must teach our children about their “souls’ purpose.” This could be done without mentioning religion of dogma. Regard­less of our belief systems, we each have a spirit, or soul, and frankly this is pretty easy to see. We breathe so we have a spirit/soul, end of story. What’s important is that our children get on the right track early in life and find their place in our world. This task can only be achieved by teaching children that they each have a soul purpose and must bring it to life. Their individual purpose is important and they cannot live in peace and harmony without it. Our work as adults is to support children in discover­ing their soul’s purpose, provide them with tools to develop their skills to bring this purpose forth, and to inspire them until it is complete. Pause and ask yourself, “What am I doing to help a child realize his or her soul’s purposes?”

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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