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Dr. Wayne Dyer, in his powerful book, “Excuses Be Gone,” writes that with every thought, feeling, and action we have a choice. I agree. However, it is not always a simply task to make a decision. Dr. Dyer says “choosing” not “excusing” is the ac­tion to abide by, and I respect what he is saying. On a recent PBS special, I heard him say, “Hear this and here this well. All excuses are “mis-alignment.” I agree with his stunning mes­sage. Still it left me with some questions that needed answers in order for me to rid myself of “excuses.” Firstly, what is mis-alignment? Secondly, if we are mis-aligned, from what or who are we mis-aligned? Thirdly, how do we re-align? Are these similar questions and concerns you might have? I am suggest­ing together we ponder these questions as a “wisdom commu­nity” and discuss them on my “Bev’s Blog.” I would appreciate your thoughts and ideas about these questions. I would like to hear from you. Below is how I am considering these questions… that is, until I receive your emails, which may change my mind. Please share. Blog!

Speaking to thousands of people yearly, I have learned that most of us have concerns when it comes to making decisions. We con­template situations that we fear might cause us to make a mis­take, as a result our decision to “leap” at an opportunity might be hindered. Therefore, procrastination sets in and/or we make excuses to avoid the situation, as Dr. Dyer so well emphasized. Excuses are red flags that we are not living an empowered life and yes, that we are mis-aligned, but again I ask from what?

I believe that many of us have become disconnected, or “mis-aligned,” from our unique, natural wisdom or intuitive knowing that provides us with the confidence to make effective decisions. We are born in perfect alignment, which I prefer to call attune­ment – being or bringing into harmony with our souls’ purpose and our unique wisdom to accomplish this purpose. We are each born with a “user friendly” manual… one that updates itself automatically and constantly for our moment to moment needs. Being able to be in harmony with our manual moves us from striving to thriving.

Every individual is born aware of his or her purpose and re­mains aware until he or she is taught differently. Our “rasion de’etre,” or “reason for being,” is to enjoy life according to our soul’s purpose, and to have the opportunity to choose how we want to design our journey. We don’t have to make our choices alone. We are created with an inner connection, a navigational system, that some saints and spiritual teachers call the “inner web of life” to The Divine Source. The acknowledgment of this very fact, and the reinforcement of being told early as a child of this connection, allows us to grow up with an entirely different perspective of life. Therefore, our choices are made with confi­dence. We are empowered and in turn are able to empower those around us.

Mis-alignment- being out of harmony – is simply not understand­ing that we are born with a powerful connection to universal wisdom and only we can “dis-connect” and “re-connect” to her. Coming into attunement with our souls’ purpose allows us to recognize that we are born with wisdom; consequently, we make wise “choices” instead of “excuses”. Most of the time we do not have to do much except to “recognize and own” our birthright of wisdom, in order to live an empowering life.

In our award winning empowerment book for girls (and the girl inside every woman appreciates this book too), “Sophia and the Seven Goddesses; A Journey of Self-Acceptance,” Sophie, the main character, learns about self-love and appreciation through discovering that she is a born goddess and that she has wisdom from which to draw strength and answers. Subsequently, So­phie and her friend Tina learn to trust their good decisions. This trusting empowers them to make even more good decisions. Sophie and Tina go on an amazing journey of self-discovery, learning that they have always been connected to wisdom, and all they need to do is attune to their wisdom through their own hearts. Together the two twelve year olds learn a basic exercise, which immediately connects them to their hearts’ wisdom and gives them courage and the means to live an empowering life. Their choices are based from love and not fear. By the end of the story the two girls know that they can depend upon their own wisdom to always be present for them, anyplace, and any time. They are empowered, because they know wisdom is their friend and will always be by their side. As a result, they don’t make “excuses” they simply “choose wisely,” and teach others to do likewise. Both girls become empowered because they learned, at an early age, that within everything, wisdom lives. How dif­ferent would our lives be today, had we been taught about our wisdom at an early age?

To live an empowering life we must accept Truth that we are born with wisdom, or as the Greeks call it “gnosis,” and bring ourselves into alignment, or attunement, so that we may ac­cess our unique wisdom. Then, we too can proclaim, just as Dr. Wayne Dyer says “Excuses Be Gone!”

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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