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To achieve our potential we must learn that the key element in life is to "feel" our way through our personal success. Our journey to empowered living is more about "feeling" than thinking; not to minimize thinking, au contraire.

When we begin to "feel out" people, things, and our state of affairs, we will have a knowing for the proper action or direction to take. Our "feelings" are an intelligence that communicates to us 24/7. Sadly to say, most of us simply ignore these emotions or "feelings" since they do not originate from our minds.

We need to consider whether people, things, and our state of affairs are in harmony with our intentions and soul purpose. We can do this by using our emotional intelligence as a barometer and say to ourselves, "How does this or that feel?" And wait for the "feeling" message. The answer comes almost instantly. NO waiting around.  We feel the answer and then our "feelings" turn into a knowing. We must trust our "feeling" intelligence and know it always guides us correctly, because each one of us is born with natural wisdom and this wisdom is accessed through our "feeling body".  Working with our hearts first and then our minds, in a cohesive manner, is called using our innate wisdom.

When we pause to "feel out" our life's experiences the right answers will flow forth to us. We must to learn to trust this "feeling" process, as Sophie and Tena did in our book, "Sophia and the Seven Goddesses: a Journey of Self-Acceptance." Throughout this book, these two young girls, Sophie and Tena, begin to understand that everyone has access to natural wisdom. I believe every person deserves to know the essential message that "feeling" is always a more refined language than thinking.

This week put a little more "feeling" or heart into your day and let me know how much smoother your life moves along. I wait to hear from you.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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