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Wisdom is an integral part of Life. It is the intelligence of the Universe and nothing exists without it. Everything you can think of contains innate wisdom, whether it be a plant, an ant, or a human being.

Wisdom is within every human being. We are wise beings, the issue is we don't use our wisdom often enough.  Human beings are also portals (as all life) for wisdom to flow love, compassion, and understanding into the world.
Every molecule in our body also contains innate wisdom. Seldom do we ask it for information, yet many doctors today are encouraging us to "listen to our body talk."

We are mostly unaware of our innate wisdom because we have cut ourselves off from our body and do most of our living in our head. We are indeed much more than just a mind. We are mind, body and spirit. This cutting off has caused us not to be in touch with our body wisdom, which becomes a serious issue when dealing with health matters or wanting more guidance for our lives.

In order to live daily from wisdom, we must learn to use our entire mind-body-spirit system. We must view our bodies as "sacred containers" housing invaluable knowledge and not as sinful-unacceptable bags of matter… valuing only our minds.  If we want wisdom to be a part of our daily lives, we must love, cherish, respect and accept ourselves completely, and this includes placing worth on our bodies, regardless of how they look.  Wisdom uses our bodies as portals for our unique data, surely we do not want to cut ourselves off from that awareness!

Through loving and accepting our bodies, "just as we are," we immediately begin to empower ourselves with more and more wisdom. The more attention we pay to our entire system, the wiser we become. Soon, we are back in touch with our wisdom, living as Life intended… joyful, wise beings.

When we deem our bodies as perfect and whole, get in touch with a deeper wisdom. The more we embrace our bodies, the more we "feel" wisdom flowing through, and to us.  Loving and accepting our bodies creates harmony within, and when we are "in tune" with our true nature, wisdom flows, not only through our heart's door, but through every cell of our body, teaching us everything we need to know.

This week, claim your body as "acceptable and lovable just the way you are!" Communicate with your entire body.  Learn what it has to offer.  Listen to your innate wisdom as she will teach you everything you need to know, just like the good book says!

This week put your head back on your shoulders, get in touch with your body, and let me know what you learn!

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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