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Getting to Know Your Inner Goddesses


According to various psychology studies, women have major patterns, or what some analyst and psychologists call archetypes or patterns, “active” within them. This may be why some wom­en seem so complex. Each archetype must express “herself” in order for a woman to feel balanced, powerful, whole, and fulfilled. Now that we are living in the 21st Century, one would think that women would be encouraged to bring out all of their archetypes, instead of having some relegated to their subcon­scious. Some archetypes are not “wanted” or “accepted” in our society, regardless of their necessity and importance to the lives of women.

Acceptable archetypes are: maternal-nurturer, the spouse (some­times referred to as real life-partner), the spiritual-wise-woman (providing information which is agreeable with upbringing), and the hero-leader or business woman (providing she’s not too smart). Of course, there are the unacceptable archetypes: inde­pendent-warrior (the survivor), the sensitive-sexual-creative, and the intuitive-knowing archetype. I prefer to call these archetypes “the goddesses within.” Why? Because it makes the learning experience fun and fascinating.

I have taught about these goddess archetypes within women for over 12 years, using research from several different stud­ies on the topic. I have also learned through my own research that without each one of these “goddesses” expressing fully in a woman’s life, she will most likely live a slightly dysfunctional life, one of stress, emptiness, loneliness, full of longing and depression. Too many women have not been allowed to bring forth each of these archetypes usually because of the influence of family or society.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D. reports in her powerful best seller book, "Women Who Run With Wolves," that “women lose contact with their “feminine soul” when not allowed to live fully and naturally themselves.” Dr. Estes also writes, “Without be­ing in touch with our feminine soul, women are without ears to hear her soul talk or to register the chiming of their own inner rhythms. Without her, women’s inner eyes are closed by some shadowy hand, and large parts of their days are spent in a semi-paralyzing ennui, or else wishful thinking. Without her, they forget why they’re here, they hold on when they would best hold out. Without her they take too much, too little, or nothing at all. Without her, they are silent when they are in fact on fire. She is their regulator, she is their soulful heart, the same as the human heart that regulates the physical body.”

I am not speaking about a religion, but a practice of allowing each goddess pattern to come forward in our lives when needed. Intuitively, we each know which goddess to bring forth and with her comes that special innate wisdom, only known by her. If we do not allow each goddess pattern to have her time in our lives, we will not be as powerful as we were meant to be and our femi­nine souls will cry out to be set free. Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. says, in her best seller book, “Goddesses In Every Woman,” “Knowledge of the “goddesses” provides women with a means of understanding themselves and their relationship with men and women, with their partners, lovers and children.”

Through my workshops, I have experienced that once women are aware of their inner goddesses, they are better communica­tors and develop a keener understanding of who they are and what it is they want out of their lives.

Be sure to quickly go to my website: and take the goddess quiz and learn about the different goddess­es living within you. Discover which goddess is your “leading lady,” or dominant one, which goddess needs more “say so” in your life, and which one is out of control, etc. Enjoy and share the quiz with your women friends. Email me and let me know what you learned about yourself.

Next week, I will write more about the goddess archetypes-patterns and how to allow each one to dance in harmony, while sharing her specific wisdom with you for a stress free-balanced life.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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