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Had Your Heart-break


People often ask me, “Bev, how do you remain calm and confident when things go wrong in your life?” Some folks are so brave as to ask, “Do you have problems or a bad day?” My answer is always the same. Yes!, I have problems and bad days, and sometimes, the days go on for years. None of us are exempt from suffering. My constant answer for my calmness and confidence is that I center myself each morning before starting my day, by going into my heart to listen and feel for wisdom. I, then, take that wisdom and live it throughout the day. And still many people continue to ask me the same ole question and I keep giving the same ole answer “live from your heart,” for there is no other way!

Any time things get a “little crazy” for me during the day, I STOP, become still, center, connect with my heart, and listen and feel for wisdom. I remain quiet for a few minutes and soak in the wisdom. I don’t ask the Spirit ques­tions… I simply feel for wisdom. When the answer comes, I trust it. If no answer comes, I know it eventually will and I trust the peace that comes each time I stop to take a “heart-break.”

When I take my “heart break,” I receive an answer or peace. Either way, going into my heart works each time without fail. If the answer isn’t obvi­ous after the centering, I can at least live with the peace that eclipses fear.

Rarely will our mind settle for a simple answer, like pausing for a “heart-break.” Our minds have been programmed to seek complex and compli­cated strategies for our life issues; therefore, when the heart brings “simple wisdom”, it is usually disregarded. It appears that many of us prefer the frenetic drama to the simple peace, (perhaps unconsciously) otherwise, we would center more often.

What some of us need is a “mind-by-pass” psychic surgery so that we can by-pass our minds and go straight to our hearts for wisdom. That’s the magic of our hearts. Your head will never give you answers until you surrender to your heart. Do it! Just do it now and start by combining your “coffee break” with a “heart-break” twice a day so people will walk up to you and say, “Don’t ya ever have a bad day?”

P.S. this article has given an entire new meaning to “heart-break”!

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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