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Judging is the Thief


Judging is the thief who steals away our moment and causes us to detour from our focus. We cannot hold a judgment and have awareness simultaneously. Judgment clouds the mind. Conse­quently, it is impossible to perceive truth, and besides we need to understand that judging is always subjective.

Try to experience one entire day without judging anyone or any­thing. Remember that our mind’s job is to constantly analyze data. We get to decide what to judge or what to observe. While we are judging every single little thing – right or wrong, good or bad, black or white – that precious moment passes us by. As a result, we tend to miss our opportunities, which the Universe un­folds for us only in the moment. Again the judgment is like a thief in the night, it steals our moments where opportunities lie.

Every time your mind offers you a judgment, instead of getting side tracked – with something that doesn’t do you any good and takes your peace and moment away- place your hands over your heart and give yourself a “heart hug” for a few moments. You will notice the peace from this centering exercise. Allow the judgment pass, don’t resist it, simply observe it, and release it. Next, open up to your innate wisdom and to the opportunity of living in the “present moment.” Watch your life become full of peace, joy, and harmony.

When we are pre-occupied with judging everything that catches our attention…we are not using our minds as life intended; hence, wisdom is not present in these moments. Practice observing, in­stead of judging. How can we be so certain that our judgments are right when we are not even home present to know the truth?

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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