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Living from wisdom is a constant intuitive-creative-life-long process, not a science, ideal, concept, routine or program. The latter comes from the ego-mind. There are no ABC's or 123's to living wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to know without process of reasoning. Wisdom is beyond the ego-mind and cannot be accessed except through the heart-mind connection.

The way to wisdom is the journey through the heart, a "waiting, listening, feeling, unfolding", which one experiences and then has an 'aha' or knowing and lives that understanding.

Wisdom does not offer us just "one way" to live or one answer to a life problem, but myriad ways to co-create with and to explore. Wisdom has no "fixed" answer. She is ripe and rich with potentiality awaiting for your choosing. Go within daily and find your personal wisdom and bring "her" into your life, and become a part of my mission to "bring wisdom back into the world."

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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