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Living from the heart and being in a constant state of peace, love and harmony is not necessarily an easy quest, even when we daily seek wisdom through our prayer and meditation practice. Living from the heart takes "perpetual attentiveness" and willingness to remain in alignment with wisdom. Living our innate wisdom into the world takes an intention for spiritual growth and passion to follow our soul's purpose, especially when "the taskmaster" comes to point out our deficiencies and offers the opportunity to practice what we preach. Frequently, when "the taskmaster" shows up we quickly get to see the depths of our spiritual commitment and awareness. Until we are established in our wisdom, it is fairly easy to move back to our egoistical pattern (s) of blame, shame, judgment, competition, guilt, etc. when "the taskmaster" arrives.

Our journeys are lived in "temporary mastery" when we are surrounded by loving and caring people who want to create a world of wisdom and good.  But oh! how our  journeys alter when "the taskmaster"  arrives staring us in the face, and pointing to our need for more inner-work. Ouch!  Within an instant, "the taskmaster" activates our pain and fears and they come spewing forth like hot flowing lava all over the place. As a result, we leave our hearts, jump into our egoistical patterns and see a world of duality – us and them. At this time, it is most difficult to remain in our hearts to get the lesson so that we may grow. We've reacted and later are left thinking, "I have a spiritual practice, this should not be happening to me!"  Then, once the "lesson" is over, we feel remorseful and beat ourselves up for "losing it!" and there we are again in the egoistical pattern of guilt.

It takes a powerful spiritual intention to return to our heart center, in the middle of an "inner battle," and ask for wisdom (help). Once we have gone unconscious, into that ego-hypnotic state, it is tough to comprehend this "thing" standing in front of us is a lesson for our good.  Once the egoistical pattern has taken over, it is challenging to become conscious enough to get back into our hearts. When the "taskmaster" appears, we must practice remaining in the heart, receiving the lesson and evolving. When we do this, the magic happens, and in that moment new awareness shows up for us. The question is: Can we do it, stand right there in the line of fire and get the message through fear and pain… "the hell?" This all depends upon our commitment to our spiritual growth.

BTW… Making the decision to live from the heart does not mean our lives will be any easier (than others).  What it does mean is that eventually when we will evolve out of our egoistical patterns and come from our deeper wisdom. We will no longer be reactive when our "taskmaster" presents us with a lesson. We will accept our part of the "play," let go of the drama and drop into our hearts and yell "HELP," or celebrate because we see the truth of what is happening. Either way this is progress.

Eventually, will be able to see the "taskmaster" for what he or she is, bless the lesson, the person or thing, and take responsibility for our portion while we remain in our hearts. Once this happens, the "taskmaster" goes away, at least for that particular issue, and then we get the opportunity to work on another one.  Hopefully, some day we will have all of our "inner work" completed and go home. Humm?  I wonder if "home" is really all that much fun!

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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