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Manifesting Without Wisdom


Frequently, we manifest from our ego-mind, believing it is from our heart-wisdom or heart-mind connection. I manifested like this regularly and unconsciously for years. I am gentle to myself when I come to a new understanding because this is part of the spiritual learning curve… part of our spiritual evolution.  Today I want to share what I have learned.

We often "ask, affirm, intend, or set a goal" for ourselves without consideration for all Life involved. We do this unaware of the consequences. Manifesting from our ego-mind will, eventually, wreck havoc in our lives and the world.

Creating from our ego-mind destroys the natural course of manifestation. The mind takes over without Wisdom's direction and we manifest our request, and fairly soon want to return "it".

Manifesting from Wisdom produces abundance and good for all life, which means "all living things" benefit. Heart manifestation is always about relationship. Mind manifestation is always about "me."

When desiring to manifest something in our lives, we must go into the deepest part of our hearts and ask: "Is this request good for all life? Will all life benefit from my intention?" If our answer is no, we must review our request.  If our answer is yes, we proceed.

Our heart-wisdom will always give us answers through our "feeling sense," providing we keep our ego-minds out of the way. We will know whether or not to continue with our intention from the "feeling sensation" we receive from our heart-energy.

If we ignore the message sent by Wisdom, this does not mean we won't get our request. We may get our request, plus even more! Pretty soon, we begin to beg: "God take "it" back!"   To avoid such trouble, we must learn to ask from Wisdom. Sitting and being still, journeying into the depths of our heart is the answer to positive manifestation. This is "co-creating" at its best!

Stop now if you have had enough.  Want a little more on this subject, keep reading.

When asking for a request from the Universe, it is good to know the difference between being in your heart-wisdom or your ego-mind. The ego can pretend to be Wisdom.  You gotta know "who is doing the talk'N!"

Here is a clue to know "who is doing the talk'N"… whether you are in your heart or mind: Wisdom speaks the language of "feeling," and not so much in words.

Another clue: There are many layers of the mind that trick us into believing we are listening to Wisdom. We can learn to recognize these layers quickly and by-pass them to our heart of hearts by paying attention to the following: the melancholy-heart, the achy-breaky-heart, the sympathetic-heart, the romantic-heart, and the mothering-heart. Try not to make your request from these layers of the mind, this is where trouble begins.

Getting to our heart-wisdom is like drilling for oil: The driller keeps working through the layers of the earth until the oil spurts out, gushes, and flows over the ground. The same is true when we are moving through the layers of our mind to get to Wisdom. She spurts out, gushes up, and flows over us into the world through our heart's door. Thank goodness, we can feel the energy of Wisdom. Consequently, we realize that we are in that deep place where we manifest only good for our lives as well as good for others.

Next time you decide to make a request, affirm, intend or set a goal, "Ponder This" article and see yourself drilling first through the mind layers until you can feel Wisdom, then ask, and ask richly!

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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