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Continuing my theme regarding archetypes from the previous two ar­ticles, today I want to speak to an important archetype, which women and men both need in order to thrive in life and especially through a “tight economy.” This archetype is the passionate goddess of creativ­ity whom the Greek’s called Goddess Aphrodite and the Roman’s called Venus. Men may feel more comfortable using the Greek god’s name Eros or the Roman god’s name Cupid, but in truth it still re­mains “feminine energy,” regardless of how its labeled.

Before I explain why this archetype is so significant in our personal and business lives, I need to mention about the one-sided viewpoint of this magnificent archetype. In the western culture we have labeled this archetype as only a “sex symbol.” She has been given a “bad rap!” Indeed, she can be considered a sex symbol, but only if you un­derstand sexual energy. Sexual energy is the same as creative energy, which is the power from which all living things come.

Aphrodite’s wisdom is passion and creative expression. She also governs laughter, charisma, grace, radiance, and vulnerability. She has the power to make us feel alive and alert when she is allowed to come forth in us and not remain dormant. This archetype fills our lives with sensations, emotions, and is the magic that “bites” us when we fall in love, be it with a person or life. To awaken ourselves to her wisdom is to invite a world of exquisite experiences. She awaits our invitation to let her express uninhibitedly through us. We each have been endowed with her wisdom from birth, yet few use her energy to the fullest. The Aphrodite wisdom is not only known by our intellect, but more importantly she can be sensed and felt throughout our entire bodies as she runs rapidly through our hearts.

Goddess Aphrodite is sometimes called the “alchemist” goddess. Her power and wisdom can turn our lives into gold! She is the art­ist within each woman and man. Much of our society, and especially religions, have put a “stigma” on this archetype through labeling her only by her sexual attributes – as if there were something wrong with creative sexual energy. The problem lies in the way we use our sexual energy not the energy itself.

Sexual energy can be converted into giving birth to anything from a concept to a child. Without allowing some Aphrodite energy into our lives women and men wouldn’t have the “juice” they need to move their ideas and dreams forward. It takes the power of passion to fuel any vision or relationship.

Our business world today certainly could use some of Aphrodite’s creative passionate wisdom. Could your life use some freshening up by Aphrodite? People all over the world, especially leaders and business people, need to go deeply into their hearts and seek out their Aphrodite wisdom and bring it forth to create a new world – not just the same old hackneyed world dressed in a different color dancing to the same drummer!

 Aphrodite is the music in our feet, the song in our hearts, and the passion for creating anything we desire. Her love awakens our senses that makes us intoxicated with life so we can create a better “whatev­er” it is we are desiring! Whether Aphrodite is our dominant goddess or not…we must have some of her wisdom in order to be whole and live a balanced healthy life. To deny this sacred energy her proper place in our lives or world means we will dry up, be dull, and become stagnant. We need to invite the creative passionate energy of Aph­rodite back into every area of our lives, and even into our business world. Haven’t you noticed how tired and serious our corporate or business lives have become without her?

Be sure to take my Goddess Quiz and see how much or how little Aphrodite/Venus energy you have in your life. Maybe the quiz will point out that you need to have more energy in your life. Once you decide to send out an invitation… prepare to DANCE, because she will come to you with her mighty passion. It only takes a few minutes each day to focus on and acknowledge the creative energy around you and bubbling inside of you. Just pause and sip her in. The more you allow Aphrodite to “play” in your life, the more you will know how to utilize the wisdom of her creative genius.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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