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Our Capacity to Feel Grief and Ecstasy


Our capacity to feel grief is equal to our capacity to feel hap­piness. The depth of our grief is equal to the height of our joy. Ultimately, I have learned this through my life experiences.

When painful situations and experiences occur in our lives and we choose not to feel them, we are going against nature, by put­ting off the evitable – a breakdown of some kind. Our minds and bodies need to heal from these painful experiences in order to grow from them.

To be completely alive and full of energy, we must feel what life brings into our lives whether we agree with them or not. When we “harden up” and decide not to feel the experiences we encounter, we decline the opportunity to feel alive and to be fully human. As a result, we will give up a passionate life.

One of the attributes of being human is the ability to feel. When we choose not to feel our grief and ignore it, we do not feel any better; we actually feel worse and become numb.

As we garner up the courage to feel our grief, we began to carve out a space within ourselves to hold more joy. To deny ourselves to feel grief is to deny ourselves to feel happiness.

Once we have created this sacred space within, we will then become aware of the balancing point that arises from feeling each side of these equal opposites – grief and happiness. This is simply known as an “Aha!” and happens once we take the risk to feel. Additionally, a synthesis occurs from this realization… a new and higher level of truth is brought to our minds and hearts for our evolution.

We have the ability to live with ecstasy and simultaneously live with grief. This is one of the great paradoxes of life. We must acknowledge the truth that we need to feel, in order to live fully.  We also must embrace both sides of these equal opposites in order to be whole.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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