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This past weekend my husband, George, and I drove to Atlanta, GA to attend our six year old grandson’s birthday party, and to be present for his first day of school. As you can imagine, if you have children in your life, these are exciting events for all.

We have four outrageous grandsons and one granddaughter. I have had the privilege of teaching my grandchildren to meditate. This is a wondrous gift and I have taken it seriously since they have been three years old.

I know that I am blessed to get to experience such an extraordi­nary gift. I am thankful to my children for allowing me to have this angelic time with their children.

This past weekend was especially meaningful for me, because during the morning meditation our four year old, Zander, re­vealed to me his awareness and wisdom. Here’s a story worth reading.

Zander had slept in and missed the morning meditation. Upon his arising, he searched the house looking for me…in hand his mala beads. When he saw me he said, “Nonna, I want to medi­tate.” Naturally, I dropped what I was doing, took his tiny, sweet hand and away we went up the stairs to the meditation room.

This meditation room was created by the boys and me. It is a special setting in one of the extra bedrooms. We converted a small table into a sacred place by setting a candle, sea shells, rocks, flowers, and a symbol of our wisdom on it.

Zander and I lit the candle, sat down, and closed our eyes in preparation for our meditation. Since the children are young I guide them into the meditation using a simple visualization. We closed our eyes, shifted are minds into our heart’s center, by placing our hands over our hearts, and I begin speaking softly.

I began with affirming that all is well for him and those he loves. I asked for loving kindness and compassion to be sent to his mommy, daddy, family, friends, grandparents, and the doggies. I also usually include all people everywhere in this affirming por­tion. Next we recited a simple chant and became still for about five minutes. Lastly, I closed with the children’s favorite word “Namaste.”

Back tracking here, during the affirming portion for loving kind­ness and compassion, I inadvertently left out something, which Zander immediately caught. He stopped me by gently, placing his hand on my leg and looked deeply into my eyes and said, “Nonna you forgot all the people!” Indeed, I had left out affirm­ing blessings for “all people everywhere.” Zander had noticed and brought this to my attention.

I want to share that when a youngster stopped me, it was not abrupt but compassionate. He did not seem like my four year old grandson as he peered straight into the eyes of my soul. For that moment in time, he appeared far beyond his years, ancient, and wise. I was stunned to say the least!

It took only a moment before I was moved to tears. Then sud­denly, I became aware and felt amazed by his tenderhearted statement. Words are inadequate to express what I experienced in that revealing moment. The best I can describe is that I knew and felt that I had come face to face with the Divine. Addition­ally, this was a reminder to me not to forget “all the people.” Zander’s heart had a strong message for me. He reminded me that it is impossible to pray for one of us without including us all, because we each deserve and need loving kindness and com­passion.

Children have a lot to teach us. And every time I erroneously think that I am teaching them, I quickly discover the truth… they are teaching me.

How long has it been since you listened to a child’s wisdom?

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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