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Partner up with God-dess in Your Personal and Business Life


What we call God, or Goddess, does not necessarily work be­side us, but rather works inside of us.
God-dess works from the inside-out in all life. God-dess guides us from within as a living partner… our co-creator. The Divine is creativity living through us.

Having the above realization, let us not petition God-dess with numerous requests, but rather turn requests into “intentions” – using God-dess’s power to manifest through us, being a funnel to bring out dreams into the world. Chances of prayers being an­swered through “the power of intention” are greater than peti­tioning. The latter is somewhat like begging and the intention is affirming and includes your involvement.

If this sounds outlandish, test it out. Stop praying for things and start intending. This is a much more powerful act. Part­ner up with God-dess and know this is easy to do. Pause and be still. Next, create an intention with God-dess being your partner. Don’t get caught up in asking a lot of questions – this is not intending. Simply make a wise statement that you desire God-dess to accomplish with and through you. Now, all you need to do is sit back and watch, affirming your intention daily instead of asking God to “send it or give it” to you as if God-dess lives somewhere other than within you.

The New Earth*, is “all about” relationship. What we are con­sidering today is “the ultimate partnership!” Taking God-dess as our partner, developing a relationship and then allowing God-dess to create through and with us. We become co-creators with our Source. Taking God-dess as our own. If we have an ounce of sensitivity, we can see that partnering is going on right now in everything we do – from our personal life, social, and business. Relationship is the name of the game – hence all of the social networks online – plus the partnering up with companies, orga­nizations, charities and people all over the world. Relationship building must go beyond people, places and things… it must also be with the Divine. After all, this is how we got ourselves into this economical mess to begin with – forgetting our innate con­nection to wisdom.

If we want to be on the leading edge of the “New Earth*,” which is forming in front of our very eyes, we must first develop a relationship with God-dess. Intend for the ultimate partner­ship. Invite God-dess to co-create with you, and with this comes the gift of wisdom of what and with whom.

God-dess exists within us, and simultaneously exists indepen­dently of us.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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