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Recession seems to be the buzz word of the media. It appears that their objective is to make sure we “get it” that things are bad everywhere and are not going to get better soon. The “recession” seems to be on everyone’s mind and the media makes sure that it remains our focus.

The news networks seem to feed off of each other, as if a competition, over whose news is the worst. They act like “naughty children” bragging about their story being better or worse than the other.

I suggest that you turn off the news and go into your heart to learn the truth about what really going on in the world economy. What you will discover, if you turn down the news, is that you can wait one day or one week or one month and nothing changes. It is always bad news and, nearly all the time, the news is distorted and exaggerated. So go straight to your heart for the most updated information and accuracy you can find. Sounds too easy, right?

The world is in a huge change and this is indeed news worthy; however, this news could be presented in a positive way.  The media could approach it with a different perspective instead of acting as if they are a fly on a TV screen and can’t see the whole picture. After all, doesn’t the media have some responsibility when it comes to reporting truth?  If they won’t be responsible, why do we bother to listen?

The world is not as bad off as the media fabricates. There are still many people working and many businesses successful.  If we are in a world recession, then this is the time for each one of us to pause and reflect on how to develop a better world. What part do we play in this world recession? I am in no way making light of the current downtime. What I am saying is we need to stop, “back up from the TV,” and see the world’s condition from our heart’s view point.  We need to look at our personal lives to see if we want or need to make any changes, which will have an effect on the recession. This is a wake-up call for all of us.

When we want to know the condition of our world or nation we can understand it better by studying the state of consciousness… the true driving force. In order to get an accurate account of a situation, be it personal or global, we need to study the participating consciousness, even when it is our own.  Taking time out of our crazy-busy lives to be still and ask our hearts for answers appears to be something we are not ready to do. Yet we easily give our power away by listening to others’ opinions as if “they” know something we don’t or can’t. Maybe we have become addicted to the rush that fear and drama creates within our minds and the hearts’ simple, soft, and unintrusive messages seem ineffective?  This may be partly due to being crazy busy, simply lazy, or perhaps we don’t trust our own heart’s wisdom.  I imagine we could even be somewhat afraid to learn the truth and to discover that we have the power within us to know.  Understanding our power would then prompt us to take responsibility and to let go of blame.

Let’s define recession: the act of receding or withdrawing.  Let’s define recess: a temporary withdrawal or cessation from the usual work or activity.

The definition of recession is good. A recession is sometimes “a necessary evil” because it cause “pause” of the world mind and forces it to re-think.  If we won’t stop to get off the downward spiraling merry-go-round, LIFE, if we are blessed, will give us a reason to stop and return to our hearts. A recession is a temporary period, it is not permanent…it give us enough time to change.  How long will this recession last? It will last until we think more broadly as in global and not as a country.

We can retreat as a country, as a group mind, into our hearts and see the truth of our situation at any given moment.  Consequently our world would change from these wiser decisions.

A recession is like putting a DVD on pause. We get to look at the larger picture. A recession is a state of mind and not a state of heart. Our minds create the condition of lack and narrow-minded thinking causing us to withdraw. If the majority of people lived from their heart’s wisdom…we would not be in a recession. We would have no need for a recession because daily we would speak to our hearts and follow that direction and would not need a shake up or shake down.

When enough individuals agree upon any one thing, it is manifested almost overnight. Some people call this a critical mass and others call it the tipping point. All agree that it is a nature phenomenon that happens when enough people or minds agree upon a thing, whether it is considered good or bad, it will come to be. We can awaken from this, so called, nightmare by conversing with our hearts’ wisdom. When enough people see through the eye of the heart, the recession is over!

What we are presently witnessing around our world is the state of humanity’s deepest and most intimate fears. We are viewing the recession within each person manifested into our physical world. We have turned ourselves inside out. Every inner thought eventually shows up on the outside.  Presently we are seeing the collective world consciousness or mind-set of all peoples.  We have a grand view of how our world sees itself. We could say that it sees itself as limited, helpless, dependent and ill. There is another way to picture it, the need to rest, pause, re-evaluate and to come from a different way of being. To pause and ponder is an essential thing that we need to do daily as individuals in order to stay centered in wise decision making. Nations need to do the same… to take a break. This is what is going on right now… we are in a recession and each nation gets to pause and see IF they want to do it better.

Spread the truth about what a recession is about. Help your family and friends gain a better understanding of what is really going on. We must step out and lead the way by teaching those around us to live from their hearts and to not fear this period of uncertainty. We need simply to adjust our thinking and to see the good coming forth. When we each live from our inner knowing we see the illusion, and allow the recession to do its work quickly and smoothly so that “things” can change for the good and betterment of all.

Now is the time to do your part in supporting a new emerging consciousness. Help support others to think from their hearts and when they cannot offer reassurance of their inner wisdom.

Take a quiet “inner stand” for a consciousness of wisdom to emerge and when we hear the nay-sayers of the world we need not defend our position rather maintain our mind-set in the mist of fog until enough of us have gathered to create the tipping point and prosperity and plenty is present for all. This is the work of those whom follow their hearts.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

© AW 2009, Revised © AW 2010

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