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Releasing the Old to be Present for the New


As we draw near to the close of the year it is the perfect timing to let go of our “baggage” and open up to the new and the fresh.  We each have specific needs regarding “what” and even “who” in our lives we need to release and then bless.   Holding on to things that are tired, worn out or no longer serve us, could be considered high finance as accumulating “negative stuff” blocks our joy.  Letting go could be another word for forgiveness. Being willing to “give it up”, regardless of who or what we believed created it, allows more awareness into our lives.

Letting go is a difficult decision for the mind because it likes to hold on, judge and calculate how things should or should not be.  Yet, the heart lives in non-resistant and non-judgment state. The heart has no desire to hold on to anything as It lives free in the moment, letting go of “stuff” as it happens. The heart claims nothing, even happiness.  The heart lives for now and is ready for joy and bliss without attachment. The heart is naturally flexible and holds on to nothing that might get in “its” way of continuous bliss.

Things to Ponder this week about the benefits of “letting go”:

Letting go means freedom! Letting go is simply inner surrender out of intelligent choice. Letting go means feeling light and carefree.

Keep in mind: To be able to enjoy life for what it is, you must be continuously willing to let it go for what it is not.

Where do you want to let go?

A relationship

A bad habit

Kids as they grow up

A negative attitude

A “fix it” project

An unrealized dream

Fears and worries

Old hurts

 Guilt from the past

Grieving for a loss

Letting go “Sore Spots” that you might consider to release and bless.

Letting go of the need to always be “right.”

Letting go of caring so much what others think of you.

Letting go of doing it all.

Letting go of trying to change others.

Letting go of “picky-picky” standards.

And, I could go on and on but you know the rest of the “sore spots”.

“To be unforgiving is like taking the poison yourself, and expecting the other person to die from it!”

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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