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Self-Esteem is Connected to Spirituality


Self-esteem is closely connected to our spirituality. I learned this truth on a deep personal level, many years ago, while seeking to grow my own self-es­teem. True self-esteem only comes from knowing, who and what we are, our authentic-self and there is no other way. Once I comprehended my authen­tic-self, I became empowered from inside out. I began to live from truth and not from what others had taught me. The following information is what I uncovered along my journey of developing a self that I could love and accept and no longer judge.

My intention in sharing this information with you is to encourage you to un­cover your authentic-self and also to help eliminate years of pain and suffer­ing. Knowing and understanding our authentic-self comes easily, providing our parents, or care takers, knew and understood their authentic-selves; how­ever, most of us did not have such a gift.

You might ask, “What is my authentic-self?” Our authentic-self is that divine part of ourselves. The difficulty is being able to understand that part of our­selves… since most of us were not taught about it. So how could our family pass this wisdom to us?

Self-esteem is usually “given” to us from our family and when we are young­sters. If our parents have not established self-esteem from the foundation of their authentic-self, then it is almost guaranteed that we will not either.

Often, we develop a pseudo self-esteem, which brings about insecurity, jeal­ously, judgments, a rigid life and other numerous issues that we don’t have room to mention. A pseudo self-esteem is a false sense of having a healthy self-esteem. Some professionals say that people can have a healthy self-esteem in one or two areas of their lives yet not in others. I highly disagree with this theory. This does not come from wholistic thinking… rather “split thinking” which only comes from the ego mind. We either have a healthy self-esteem and know our authentic-self, or we do not. Being successful (and we really need to redefine this word) in one area of our lives does not mean that we have a healthy self-esteem, neither does it mean we are living a successful life. This is a misconception and also confuses people about the truth of self-esteem. Remember this old adage: “All that glistens is not gold!”

Some people have what professionals call a hyper-self-esteem, which de­ceives them and others into believing that they “have it all together.” These people look successful, do and say all the right things. They daily “put on an act” as if they love themselves. Hyper-self-esteem, for the most part, is lived unconsciously. Few people realize they are “acting,” even if questioned. And to get to the bottom of this hyper issue takes our willingness to do some “tuff inner work.” Sometimes this requires a therapist. Usually we will not do “our inner work” unless we have a traumatic event in our lives… a wake up call. And if we could have a candid chat with a person with hyper-self-es­teem, she would share with us that sometimes she feels like a “pretender or a phony” and does not understand why. I know this to be true for I experienced “hyper-self-esteem” for years myself, and one day a teacher explained to me about the “authentic-self” and that was the end of my hyper-self-esteem. It dissolved in the eyes of my true-self and it did not happen over night. I too had to do some “tuff inner work.”

Now, imagine children everywhere being taught that they are born innately good, from love and are creative, and full of wisdom. That they are perfect just the way they are! No mentioning of the archaic myth of being “born in sin” and unworthiness. No teachings of guilt, shame, separation from God-dess. Only teachings of responsibility, wholeness, truth, and reminding each one of their innate good. How different would our world be? Imagine this… people everywhere embracing their divinity (authentic-self) and living as wis­dom children of God-dess instead of children born of sin, whom are unworthy and powerless. What are we teaching our children, and for God-dess sake why?

Again, pause and imagine children around the world waking up each morning knowing his and her authentic-selves and living from that wisdom and power every minute of the day. This would change people from falsely thinking they are creatures doomed to hell to knowing they are creative children of God-dess.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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