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The Heart’s Feedback Guidance System


When we live from the wisdom of our hearts, allowing continual dialogue with the mind, we begin to understand what Mary Magdalene was referring to in her book, "The Gospel of Mary", when she prompts us to "become fully human!" Mary encourages us to pay attention to our inner guidance system and to feel our way through life. No wonder she was called "The Sophia".

Sophia (Greek for wisdom) flows through our hearts and works as a feedback system to our minds by teaching us how to live life fully and how to manifest our desires on the physical plane while enjoying life. She provides us with guidance for day-by-day living and is always "on", meaning there is no down time since it is always working right there inside us.

Each of us has been innately "installed" with this feedback guidance system. Our task is to become wholly conscious of it and learn how to utilize it in order to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. The feedback guidance system points the way, moment-by-moment, for us to become more and more aware of how to function fully as a human being by constantly guiding us through our emotional body; however, sometimes we don't realize the guidance because we are out of touch with our emotional body.

Because we are trained to be a "heady society" we often downplay the "soft technology" of the heart's feedback system. Most of us are uncomfortable with trusting our natural instincts to "feel our way" through life and are more comfortable to "hear our way". We oftentimes need words or visual signs to give us something more concrete to put our faith into. Unfortunately, these seemingly "real" and tangible expressions of guidance can still leave us with a feeling of uncertainty or that something isn't quite right or true.

Our feedback guidance system works through the feeling, emotional body – not through the mind – and is a feminine quality, thus called Sophia. It is felt, not heard, and functions on a different frequency than that of our head making the two easy to distinguish from one another. One sends a feeling sensation throughout our bodies and the other one "talks our heads off"!

The way your feedback guidance system, or Sophia, works is simple. When you get a feeling in your body that does not feel good, don't go in that direction. When you get a sensation that does feel good and is for the good of all concerned, then go with it! (Tip: If the sensation feels good in a way that is only good for you, then it cannot be right. You are in your head, not your heart). Sophia never leads us astray and only points the way through positive feelings of some nature. Her way is always the way for the good of all concerned, which will include your answers and desires coming true. Easy enough? This is a fundamental method of communication and the more we practice it, the easier it becomes.

The flow of Sophia continually surges throughout your entire body and can be felt coming through your heart as you pause and take notice. This divine energy stream and has been studied and measured by scientific technology, so it is very real. As you acknowledge it and pay attention to the "heart-mind connection", allowing the heart and mind to have constant dialogue, you will be shown the way for everything in your life.

Your information/feedback can come in different ways of communication – a big chill throughout your body, a small sensation, even a little jolt. The different ways of "feeling" communication are highly individual, yet all are a Presence you feel within you, which eventually becomes a knowing.  As you practice, you'll discover that your feedback guidance system communicates in many other ways that are personal to you.

Some points to consider: The feedback guidance system is never harsh, unkind, or judgmental. So, if you receive your feedback in criticizing or condemning words or feelings, you will know that you are in your head and not your heart – this is not Sophia guiding you. Sophia's guidance is always loving, although it may feel uncomfortable at times because it is Truth or something that you do not want to do. But, if you focus on your heart's wisdom and on the "feeling", you will know the difference and be able to see that the outcome is for your highest and best, and good for everyone involved.

This is not the same as your conscience. Conscience is a mind creation and is not wisdom. It is taught by someone else's value system and it largely depends upon the value system you have learned. You will be able to recognize one from the other because Sophia, your feedback guidance system, comes from the heart and a "knowing" from the feelings in your body, not the words in your mind.

This is not a complicated system, yet it will take paying attention to. Over time, this "paying attention" will become a habit and you will be automatically living in the flow of life or in a "downstream" mode as Esther Hicks would say.  You will have your own personal life coach living inside of you, giving you constant feedback for which way to go via your emotions. The more you use your feedback guidance system, the more feedback comes to you. And suddenly, one day you will be living your "bliss" in the universal stream of life and ALL will be well for you.

Practice paying attention to Sophia flowing through your heart and be open to the feedback She wants to share with you.  Live in the present and pay heed to the Sophia messages that are given to you second by second. Try to develop discipline so you have the strength to follow wisdom's feedback. When Sophia sends you a "feeling" message that you are preparing to make an unwise choice, pause, reflect, and take a breath before taking any action.

I know this discipline is not easy, but it is possible. If you want change in your life, you have to want to wake-up and be "fully human", otherwise nothing changes for you. At times, you will make mistakes and wish you had listened to your Sophia. This is okay as it is part of the process of awareness. The essential thing is not to give up!

Celebrate your feedback guidance system and pay attention to your feelings this week. Allow Sophia to be the pulse in your body that guides you towards wise decision-making in your life, and "know" that you are always divinely guided!

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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