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The Message of a Red-Tailed Hawk


A few weeks ago, I wrote an article questioning whether or not God speaks to us, and I described the many ways and methods that He uses to do so. Since that time, I have had another eye-opening experience that has assured me that God does speak to us and I must share it with you now. My hope is that this experience will encourage you to pay even closer attention to the life that is happening around you and, thus, to the numerous ways God can speak personally to you.  What a superb feeling one has within knowing that we are being constantly guided from Wisdom and that we are not alone in this big world. Answers are everywhere when we are living in the present moment.
My Experience: Early one morning a few weeks ago during my sacred coffee preparation, I heard an unfamiliar sound outside my kitchen window. We live on two beautifully wooded acres of land and have an abundance of wildlife all around us, so it's not uncommon to hear a variety of animal sounds daily. This sound was one I had heard the evening before when my husband and I were on a walk, and neither of us could figure out what it was. This time I was determined to find the responsible party of this odd, but intriguing noise.
As I peered out my kitchen window and looked to the grassy knoll in front of the deck, there was nothing to be found but some old tree branches and the overturned bucket of kibbles we put out for the deer every week. Suddenly, I heard a heavy tapping coming from the breakfast-room glass doors that face the backyard, which sounded as if someone were knocking with the tip of their house key. I immediately rushed over and there, pecking on the glass door, was not a person with keys in hand, but a huge red-tailed hawk! For the moment, it appeared to me as if it was knocking on the door to get my attention. "Could this be so?" I said to myself. Then my heart's Wisdom said, "Of course it is so! Are you going to doubt what you see right in front of you?"
Staring at this magnificent creature, I was both amazed and puzzled; I could hardly believe my eyes. I thought for a moment that I was having a vision, or that maybe I was still asleep dreaming of preparing my coffee with this enormous bird outside my house. As I walked toward the door, it immediately flew away making that same sound. I stood there stunned, anchored in my slippers. I pondered my new experience for a few minutes wondering why such a brilliant creature would knock on the back door of my home.
Then, I remembered a book I had read called "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews. His book guides you through the world of animal totems and spirits, and explains what it means when an animal shows up directly to you. (Andrews' many years of research has helped him to become an internationally recognized author and teacher, and he is admired by thousands for his work in the spiritual and metaphysical fields. I highly recommend that you purchase his book for your spiritual library.)
I love nature and listen to Her when She uses it to get my attention – especially in the form of a red-tailed hawk! In my morning prayers and meditation, I had been asking for a confirmation regarding a business decision. As I remembered the significance and meaning of this red-tailed hawk from Andrews' book, I suddenly realized my answer and instantly understood the direction I should take. Her message left nothing absent. Of course, my mind needed more validation and some "proof", so I pulled the book off my shelf and flipped through the pages until I came to the section on hawks. It was then that I unquestionably accepted that God was speaking to me, loudly and clearly.
After reading several pages about the "red-tailed hawk", I knew without a shadow of a doubt that God had spoken to me in a profound way. Andrews states that this powerful bird can awaken visionary power and lead you to your life purpose. It is the messenger bird and wherever it shows up one needs to pay attention and take note that there is a message coming. This was just what I needed. I took this feeling and energy into my prayer and meditation that morning and I must share with you that my meditation was exceptional and powerful. I know that the hawk was not just an accident or coincidence … as the mind likes to explain away.
How could it be that I was in the kitchen performing my sacred coffee ritual, with my special Sophia's Bold Goddess blend, at the exact time that this bird decided to peck on my window? Whether the great hawk was seeing his reflection in the glass or not is unimportant. The fact is that I was there at that precise moment to witness the hawk at my backdoor. Accident? You decide. What are the chances of a red-tailed hawk landing in my backyard at the exact time for me to see, much less pecking on my glass door while I was present? Was it God speaking to me? I know so.
I could have ignored that message like many of us do when She speaks to us personally. I could have written this off as a coincidence and lost the opportunity of communicating with Her. Many times we ignore God because we allow our minds to take over and push our heart's wisdom out of the way; yet, deep down inside we all know when She speaks to us. Sometimes we feel it is easier to give in to the mind and say, "What a coincidence" than to accept that God actually cares and speaks to us in many forms and languages.
Now, to make sure that I clearly received and took in God's message, He sent me another one using the hawk's energy again. You see, when we acknowledge His messages, He will send us more. God wants to communicate with His creation. It is when we ignore His messages that they stop coming, or more fittingly, we stop "seeing" them.
OK, so here goes the rest of the story, which you may find difficult to believe. This happened just as I am reporting. Six days later after the hawk sighting, I was standing in the kitchen opening my mail (this is a standard practice for me after arriving home from the office). Within a few moments, something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I walked over to the window and there on the ground was another red-tailed hawk! "Oh my God, he's back!" I thought. The hawk had landed on a branch on the ground. Seconds later another red-tailed hawk landed on the same branch and they began to do a mating dance. I could not believe my eyes. Yes, God meant business about answering my request. I had received my answer, but obviously She wanted to let me know how much She appreciated me accepting Her way of answering my prayer. There She was, in all of her glory dancing about the art of creation for me to see. I was truly humbled.
Well, this was a "two-hawk-day" and I was celebrating; nevertheless, I could not move as I watched them dance in harmony with each other on that branch. Now, to make matters even more interesting, in flew a third red-tailed hawk; however, this one was a male. How do I know?  I watched him dance, trying to get the attention of the female. This was a fun sight and made me chuckle. Two males vying for this gorgeous female's attention and she would get to choose! "Wahoo!" was all I could say. A minute passed and in this magical moment the female hawk chose her mate and the other male hawk respectfully flew off without even a squawk. Then, the two lovebirds flew over into bushes beside our house and, well ….you figure the rest out! What a thrill as I watched them disappear into the bushes to consummate this sacred moment.
Finally, I came to my senses and ran for the camera. I quickly got a picture of the male as he stared at me just before flying off (see my original picture of him above). Indeed, I knew that God was speaking to me and in a profound way because our entire neighborhood has never seen such a sight. And for that matter, very few people, even bird watchers have had such a privilege. I felt enormously blessed and grateful. Tears flowed down my face as I realized what a miracle I had just witnessed. I was once again assured that God does speak to us, and that we must pay attention and take time to live in the moment so that we can see and hear when He speaks. I paused to wonder how many messages I had missed in the past by being too busy, always doing something, or always "living in my mind"?
The two lovebirds are back and it is obvious that they have decided to live in our backyard for a while. I watch them often fly back and forth, playing with each other. I try to get a picture of them together, but they are quick and it is most difficult to always have a camera ready. After all, when God speaks, I don't want to be running after my camera and miss Her messages!
I am certain that many of you have similar stories of God's communication with you, and I would love to hear them all. Please share with me the many ways that God has spoken or speaks to you. Thank you for taking the time to share.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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