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The Power and Value of Our Stories


Thank you for your responses to last week’s article, “Are You Lying to Yourself Too?” I enjoyed reading about your personal stories of how you caught your ego “lying” to you. Our story-experiences are invaluable to us and to all whom we share our story. When we put our insights into story form and share with others, it not only expedites our growth, but it also helps us to clarify and affirm our insight from that experience.

Sharing stories is an enjoyable and natural occurrence, which most people want to do and have been doing so for thousands of years. When we are willing to “trade stories,” we all benefit and grow from each other’s wisdom. After all, who or what would we be without our dazzling and insightful stories!

We each are like a “story book” with many chapters, waiting to be read, enjoyed, and understood by ourselves and others. Strip us of our stories and there we find our wondrous souls, the very instigators of and raison d’être for our stories. Our souls wrap themselves into story-experiences; one after another yearning to know who and what we are. All of which will simultaneously aim towards our ultimate destiny… Self-discovery.

When we can harvest the good from our experiences and are willing to let go from labeling our experiences as “good or bad,”
we then begin to discover our true identity.

When we do not take the time to “find the good” within our ex­perience or story, we will become confused and think that we are the story. Our minds find it difficult to separate the story from our souls and extract the wisdom. Sadly to say, most of us lose the insight that we could have gained from the experience.

“Her Wisdoms” is always about sharing from my heart to yours; regarding an insight I have gained from one of my life experi­ences. My hope is that my experiences, which I turn into stories for myself as well as others, will encourage and inspire you to claim the insight from your stories and share them with others and me. The trick is to find the wisdom in your experiences re­gardless of the outcome; whether you have labeled it a painful or joyful experience and then learn from it. A question you should ask yourself is “Did you get the message from the experience and will you create a beneficial story in order to retain the mes­sage for yourself and others?”

The value of sharing our stories is that it helps us to clarify and understand how to better utilize the wisdom from the experi­ence. Creating a “story” removes us from the scene personally, which offers us another perspective and we gain more insight.

We can share our stories with others, decide to keep them inside of us, or jot them down in a journal. We can even create a piece of art to tell our stories. Getting our stories out into any format will help to stimulate insight. As we share our stories with oth­ers (and I don’t mean purging) we empower ourselves and all around us! Everyone loves a “good story,” and what we want to strive is to put them into “story lessons” so all may benefit. This is called wisdom.

Are you hiding your story-experiences? Do you feel they have little to no value? Start today by writing down or sketching your stories and sharing them with yourself over your morning cof­fee. Repeat your stories aloud. Carefully listen to them gleaning their insights as if they were coming from someone you respect­ed and loved. Find the wisdom in your stories. Ponder your new awareness. Pause in gratitude to contemplate the wisdom from your stories, and feel free to share your insight with me. I would like to hear your story.

Remember everybody loves a good story and it is one of the easiest and quickest ways we learn.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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