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There’s No Magic to Self-Empowerment


Becoming aware of our Authentic Self and listening to our hearts' Wisdom is not an easy thing to do or an easy concept to grasp. Even believing that we have two selves living within us is not an easy idea to digest; but, if we pause long enough to be clear and listen carefully to our hearts, we will be able to allow Wisdom to come through us and we will find that we begin to make wiser choices in our lives.

Many faiths, philosophies, and religions teach us to ask our Creator to come into our hearts, guide us, and support right decision-making. I believe this is sound advice, but unnecessary. Why? Because our Creator is already living in every one of us whether we like it or not, believe it or not, or invite It in or not. The very recognition of our Creator in our life creates a shift in our thinking, and to allow It to live through us is a huge step toward real self-empowerment. But, we must remember that no one can do this work for us; we must do it for ourselves.

Self-empowerment is an individual mission and no one else can empower us, nor can we empower other people. All we can do is point the way and encourage and support self-empowerment. If we could empower another, it follows that this would not truly be self-empowerment. Right? Self-empowerment must come from your Authentic Self and not from another person's Self. The reason is because empowerment is an inside job and comes from our recognition of whom and what we are, and then allowing our hearts to guide our lives in lieu of living our lives from our egos.

Nevertheless, you do not have to make living from your heart or living in awareness difficult. First, accept that you are powerful and not powerless. So many philosophies teach that you are not innately powerful and that in some way you are actually "flawed", or even worse, that you were born in sin. Whew! How can this type of teaching empower anyone?  This sounds like a dependency or control program of some kind.

Once you have accepted that you are a powerful person, and what I mean by this is that you understand where your power comes from and are willing to own it, you will want to make an intention to stay focused on the life you are living so that each day gets easier and less stressful for you. Your intention is to see life as it happens instead of living your life out there in "someday" where nothing exists except trouble and struggle.
Your intention must be to live a conscious life and in the beginning this will take some practice, but well worth the effort and disciplining your ego-mind-self. Start off by paying attention to everything around you. Notice how everything is full of life and sparkling when you give it your full attention with intention. Our Creator is not only your life, but the life behind, or the foundation behind, everything.

When you pay attention to Life, Life will pay attention to you. What I mean by this is that as you pay attention to Life and live in the moment, the answers you need will come and it won't be too long before you are "living your bliss", as Joseph Campbell would say. When you are not focused and not living in the moment, you are always "out there somewhere" going against the Universal flow and setting up a life of frustration.

If you look carefully, you will see that there is actually a spiritual business plan, and you will definitely want to follow it if you want to live the life you desire. This plan is revealed to us one step at a time, moment by moment, as we stay focused. The mind does not like this because it wants everything instantly and this interferes with living in the moment. This spiritual business plan is about having focused awareness to make confident choices in our lives so that we do not have to second guess ourselves, which always causes stress. As we live from our hearts there comes an assurance that the constant daily decisions we make are right because we are following our intuitive wisdom. This is the only way to be powerful. And as we take right action or make good decisions, we feel joy flowing through our bodies.

Feeling is your key to know that your two selves are merging and working in harmony. We must pay attention to our bodies and notice the signals they are sending. They are the indicators of the appropriate or inappropriate choices we make in our lives. When we get a feeling of joy, then we know we are on the right track; when we get an awful or yucky feeling, we know we are missing the mark. We can trust our feelings or emotions more than our thoughts. Feelings never "fib" to us, but sometimes our thoughts do! As my friend Esther Hicks says, "We only have two emotions – one feels good and the other feels bad", so it is easy to tell them apart.

By living in awareness of our feelings, we can begin to see how all of life is connected. We begin to understand that we are One Human Family, One Life, and One World, and when our choices aren't good for all, they aren't good for us either. It's just the way it works! The ego self thinks in terms of "me" only and sees everything separated and not cohesive; the Authentic Self always makes good decisions for the evolution or good of all Life. It is Life Itself living within us.

We all have this Life, this power, available to us and the more we recognize It and allow It to be present in us, the more we understand It. There is no need to "act" powerful when you "are" powerful. Self-empowerment is when the human being "you" (the ego self) is willing to meet the spiritual being "You" (the Authentic Self) and come into alignment to co-create for the highest good for all Life. So then, our lives are not just about our individual choices, but about all of our choices, which always concern everyone and everything. This is how each of us becomes genuinely self-empowered! Self-empowerment is about allowing the power of Wisdom to flow through our hearts and into our every thought, action, and deed. It is going "within" so we do not have to go "without".

Take some time this week to go "within". When you find yourself in moments of stress or confusion, take a few minutes and place your hand over your heart center. Stay focused, notice your breath, and clarity will arrive. The issue is that we do not pause long enough to center ourselves when we get stressed or confused. We must make it a practice to stop, take a breath, and listen to our hearts when things going awry. This is the essence of true self-empowerment!

Self-empowerment is what WisdomDollsTM is about. It is our entire mission. Nea Matia is not a doll company, but rather an empowerment company that uses dolls as empowerment tools to teach self-empowerment. Our books, CD's, DVD's, art work, and workshops have one single focus – to support and encourage the empowerment of women and girls. Our mission and goal is to supply women and girls with the right information so they will come to know, through the love of Wisdom, that they are goddess born and have all of the power of the Universe surging their veins. Women are the storehouses of Wisdom and through Nea Matia's product line every woman and girl can discover her innate powers.


Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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