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We Don’t Need a Savior


We do not need a “savior” in our lives, even in a time of “recession.” What we do need is a wise-partner, one who can co-create with us and develop our souls to be fully human. This is what we truly need!

How different would our lives be if we welcomed wisdom to be our life-partner instead of asking, or begging, for things to be given or supplied? Would it not be more powerful to view our Wise Creator as a participant in our lives rather than one whose job it is to rescue, save, and then punish us if we don’t get it right?

Seeing the Creator as a parent archetype, one who takes cares of, instead of one who partners with, turns us into co-dependent chil­dren who never mature. What we must strive toward is to become interdependent beings who partner up with wisdom.

The Divine Spirit is not our parent but our partner, who wants to co-create with us. When we get this on a deep level, our lives dramati­cally change for the good, and then we understand what life is all about… co-creating with “All That Is.”

We were born to be partners with Spirit, not slaves to Spirit. We were designed to co-create, weaving wisdom and material into glorious and wonderous things. We were created to play with what already exists, take note of the potentiality of the Universe, and use it. “Our work” is to “partner up with The Divine,” choose from myriad possibilities, and move evolution forward.

Ask yourself, “How would my life change, if I started today to make wisdom my partner in every area of my life?” “What would happen if I sincerely invited wisdom to be a part of my day-to-day routine/experience?” I don’t mean saying “Give it to me God-dess,” or “Please send it, mail it, let me win it, etc.” But actually working with Spirit as your real life partner, one on one, heart to heart, as a living entity.

We are supposed to have fun in life and to “live our bliss,” as Joseph Campbell said. Trying to do it all without a wise partner is a tre­mendous mistake. Many of us have become “spiritually lazy,” and instead of using our creative juices and partnering up with our innate wisdom, we sit around like ill-mannered children searching for an easy way out!

We are designed to be co-creators. We are not supposed to “go it alone.” Life is about relationship with Spirit. So get smart, and partner up with wisdom. It is your wisest choice.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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