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What Do You Love Most About this Time of Year?


What do you love the most about this time of the year? For me it is being able to carve out “time” to be with family! Every year, my husband, George, and I lay aside time to be with our loved ones. No business of any kind. Only “monkey business” with our four awe­some grandsons and little goddess granddaughter, whose ages range from 4 to 11. We are grateful for these little energy bundles of love.

Right now we are on a trip with the “boys” and what a fun and blessed adventure we are having. Children remind us to be in our hearts, live in the moment, laugh at almost everything and have loads of fun. They know to not take life/things too seriously and to never stop enjoying the opportunity at hand.

George and I are experiencing playing hard and going from one fun event to the next. We are living in the “make-believe” world with our boys and have noticed how “alive” this makes us feel! Refreshing is an excellent word to describe being a child again and to be able to let the “ego” go. You know the one who has to get everything done and done right and right now, especially during the holidays!

Sharing stories, receiving hugs, whipping up family recipes with our goddess-daughters, playing monopoly, adding a few last minute decorations to the tree, hanging stockings up before The Claus’ ar­rival and taking a slow drive through the country to view the holiday lights, is what we call extraordinaire!

The high-light of the trip, so far, is the privilege of having my four grandsons joining me for a quiet time of meditation. They all four sit down around me, in the sacred space, which we have created together, centered into their hearts, for a few minutes, to connect to the Source of All Life and to be grateful for their abundant lives. This is indeed my holiday gift of all gifts, the “creme da le creme”, to be able to share “sacred time and space” with four little souls, each learning the value of being centered before starting their day. Sprig of Holly

My wish is that you experience much goodness and happiness this holiday season. My prayer is that you get in touch with the holiday Spirit of Love and take time to bask in this richness that seems to be more preponderant this time of the year.

Have the most peaceful and loving holiday season ever.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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