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What is Personal Wisdom


An understanding from our heart is unmistakably different than an understanding from our head. They are two distinct wisdoms.

Traditional/conventional wisdom
comes from the head. It comes out of the past and from what others have acknowledged as "wise and worthy."   Usually this wisdom has been written down and passed on from generation to generation. Sometimes these wise words help to create good in lives and sometimes they do not. Traditional wisdom is not always wise, it is just tradition. We must become aware that most "so called" wisdom is based on other people's life experiences, consequently ordained credible and passed on.

"Heart wisdom"
is a wisdom that flows directly to us through our hearts to guide and create our lives.  This is a personal wisdom, which can be tapped into "on the spot" and use for whatever our need or question might be.  It is fresh and customized in the moment and for a particular individual.  It has no history, yet is elemental and waits for our discovery.

Instead of searching for wisdom and truth outside of ourselves, why not stop and listen to our wisdom and apply it?

Personal wisdom does not need to be written down. It is always available.  This wisdom is created just for the individual and needs not be saved for others to use; besides it may not be correct for them.
We must repeatedly remind ourselves everyone has personal wisdom.  Let us empower others by influencing them to go within their hearts and bring out their "personal wisdom!"

It doesn't make sense to use another person's wisdom if we have our own. No wonder we struggle so much in life. We are always savoring the wisdom of others, instead of our own. This sends a strong unconscious message that we don't have wisdom of our own and need to seek elsewhere.

Thinking that we do not have personal wisdom makes us feel vulnerable and dependent upon others.  Learning of our wisdom allows wisdom to guide our lives, moment by moment. It sets us free. The only way we can "live our bliss," as Joseph Campbell would say, is to allow personal wisdom to constantly guide our lives. Rest in knowing that wisdom flows directly to you through your heart's door.
Only your personal wisdom can create a better world for you. It remains that your wisdom is exactly that: your unique creative wisdom, which you and you alone bring into the Universe to use. If you want to share it with others, this is a kind gesture; however, not to encourage another person to follow his or her personal wisdom is a lack of wisdom.

Using another person's wisdom for your own is like applying an Apple Computer manual to an IBM. May help some but not quite the right information.

Much of the wisdom we read today is old, stale, or no longer serves us. I am not saying that all wisdom should be ignored or trashed; however, what I am expressing is the greatest wisdom will come from tapping into our own hearts' reservoir.

This is real empowerment.


Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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