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What is Self-Empowerment?


In the dictionary, self-empowerment is not defined as a single word. To seek its definition, we must separate the two words and read the explanation of each. The word self is defined as: a person's nature, character, ego, or one's own self. Empowerment is defined as: to enable or permit, to give power or authority to, or to invest with power. When we combine these two definitions, we can explain the word self-empowerment as: enabling or investing oneself with power. Put another way, self-empowerment can mean allowing the power that you possess to come through and taking charge of your own life. The only question is "How do we actually do this?" More importantly, we might ask ourselves, "Where does this power come from?" How can we understand self-empowerment or even become self-empowered if we can't explain where the power comes from and how to use it once attained?

Before I attempt to answer these questions, we must first examine the common definition of self. As we've learned, the dictionary describes it as one's "own" self, as something very personal and individual, often separating us into myself, himself, or herself. But, there is another definition of the word self that we need to recognize and consider if we are going to define it correctly and completely. I'm talking about Self with a capitalized "s". This Self is often referred to by spiritual leaders as God/ Goddess/ Life/ All That Is/ Universe/ Presence/ Sophia/ Buddha/ Allah/ Mohammed/ Jesus/ Great Mother/ Almighty Father/ Shiva/ Essence/ Jehovah/ Krisha/ Shen, etc. and is something that has housed Itself within us. With this added definition, we might even say that there are two selves living within us – side by side, so to say. One is our personal self that we easily identify with and the other one is our authentic Self that we do not easily indentify with. This Self refers to something other than our "personal self" and is often referred to as our Higher Self or God Self or Goddess Self.

The lower cap self is the personality or persona known as the "individual you", often labeled in philosophy and psychology as the ego. I like to refer to the ego as our "personality mind". You know it well because it always has something to say to you, and talks to you incessantly about everything and anything. It has been labeled many names, often as "the critic", "the committee", or "the parent" among other names. You could also refer to this as the "temporary self" because it is a temporary form of you and your power, which both are very short-lived.

The upper cap Self has nothing to do with your ego or personality mind because it is absolute awareness, consciousness, and intelligence. The Self speaks through your heart and not through your head (ego), so it is fairly easy to know who's doing the talking!  And the Self never criticizes you as the ego self often does. Another way to differentiate the two is that the self is always about "doing" while the Self is about "being". The Self is the seer that observes everything you do, see, hear, taste, feel, etc. In other words, Self observes your every experience, and like a gigantic telescope, It observes your life while you live it.

So, do I mean to say that we have two selves being or living within us simultaneously? Yes, I do. And it is very important to identify one from the other. Because the self gets its power from the ego, it is a pseudo form of power and creates stress, struggle, and pain in your life. We must learn to tap into the true power of the Self, which is universal awareness and consciousness, and by tapping into this Self our lives change dramatically and our stressful living is replaced with peace and flow. This is the only way we can truly become self-empowered beings.

I am not referring to "brain power" here, but the power of "awareness" which is the only true self-empowerment available to us. Without awareness, self-empowerment is temporary. And the truth is that most of the so-called self-empowerment moments where we do experience some power are actually moments where we are using "force" instead of real "power".  I appreciate the way David R. Hawkins, PhD explains the difference between force and power in his remarkable book, "Power vs. Force". A great read that you might want to check out as Dr. Hawkins explains the difference of power and force in very simplistic language.

Becoming aware that we have two selves is the beginning of true self-empowerment, and until we are able and willing to tell them apart, we cannot grow to be fully empowered beings. But, being able to identify and differentiate our two selves can be a difficult task. It is like living with an angel and an imp, one on each shoulder. The best way is to listen carefully to the Self and to learn to identify with it as you – the authentic you! This is most easily accomplished in stillness or as Eckhart Tolle says, "living in the moment", while allowing the true Self, the real power, to flow through. The Self speaks in a "feeling language" that comes from your heart's wisdom. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the self because it is a real part of who we physically are; therefore, we must allow the self (ego) and the Self (heart) to be in harmony as one. We must allow the Self to be the guiding Light of our ego self so that we constantly live an empowered life. When we do this, our two selves are able to co-create for our personal highest good and the highest good for all life. This is true self-empowerment!

This week, see if you can identify your two selves and recognize their differences. Do this action by paying attention to what you are doing in each moment. I know this is not an easy assignment, but if you are willing to do one task at a time and be present with that one thing you are doing, the Authentic Self will show up and be noticed by you. You can always find the Self in the moment of "being" whether you are meditating, praying, pondering, or doing something else as long as you are "being" while you are doing. What this means is staying present and observing what you are doing. Listen for the wisdom from your Self as you are "being" and see if you begin to live a more empowered life. I guarantee you will! Next week we will explore more about self-empowerment.

Empowerment is what is about. Empowerment is our entire mission. is not a doll company, but rather an empowerment company that uses dolls as empowerment tools to teach self-empowerment. Our books, CD's, DVD's, art work, and workshops have one single focus – to support and encourage the empowerment of women and girls. Our mission and goal is to supply women and girls with the right information so they will come to know, through the love of Wisdom, that they are goddess born and have all of the power of the Universe surging their veins. Women are the storehouses of Wisdom and through’s product line every woman and girl can discover her innate powers.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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