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Our ego-mind defines abundance by quantity. Our heart-mind defines abundance by quality.

Attaining a consciousness of abundance from the Heart’s perspective does not mean having access to all things, but rather being at one with the Heart behind all things.

Real abundance is a consciousness of unity and quality, not one of separ­ateness and quantity.

Frequently, we think of our personal needs in only physical terms, as in things or people. Even though this may be well-founded, it is limiting our understanding of how we co-create or manifest with Life.

As we think about things that we “must have” in our lives, we simultane­ously have a sense of not having these things in our lives, which prevents us from being in harmony with the abundant consciousness.

By defining co-creating/manifesting as ‘attracting things into our reality,’ we limit ourselves to only material things, which is not true abundance or success. Materialization is not the reason for abundance by any means… it is much more than accumulating things.

Manifestation is a spiritual process and experience. We can only consider our manifestation a success if our consciousness evolves. Quality equals abundance.

It is important to keep in mind that it is not accomplishing our needs that are significant. What’s essential is our understanding of “who we are.” When we better understand “who we are” through our manifestation pro­cess, and our wisdom increases through the realization, then we are indeed ABUNDANT.

We quickly learn through the “quality way “of manifesting that we have no needs. All is supplied, ready and waiting for us. Not for the asking, but for the understanding. Our work is to attune to what is already present in our Universe and come to the understanding of wholeness, and who we are. We will eventually realize that only The Divine has “need.” Yes, The Divine has need, and this need is to express “Itself” through our manifestations.

If we believe that manifestation is only for achieving our “needs and wants,” we have overlooked the most valuable aspect of this heavenly gift. We may want to stop and ask ourselves whether or not we are coming from our “ego-driven mind,”… while ignoring our soul-growth for quality and authentic ABUNDANCE!

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

© AW 2009, Revised © AW 2010

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