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When I facilitate workshops on the subject of “The Seven Wis­doms of Women;” immediately most attendees believe I am referring to a traditional or conventional wisdom. They believe I am alluding to some kind of ancient knowledge, which has been written down on stone tablets or papyrus scrolls. Others assume that wisdom comes from spiritual teachers who are anointed by God or “enlightened beings.” These individuals channel sacred information from the “other world.”

As we got further into my presentation, the group began to understand that I wasn’t referring to an esoteric wisdom, one in which is only given “to a chosen few.” Instead something rather grand and extraordinary happens; the wisdom flows from the Source of All into every human heart.

The ancient Greeks called this extraordinary wisdom, Sophia, and defined it as “feminine understanding.” The ancient Greeks, as well as aborigines of every early culture, considered what modern society calls wisdom – simply good manners, common sense, values, and morals. They did not consider the above items as authentic wisdom. Instead, wisdom came from wise choices on how to live.

The Ancient Greeks and their predecessors defined the word “Sophia” to mean an intuitive knowing. Through succeeding years, the term became known as “gnosis” or complete under­standing. In the Sanskrit language, the term is “gnana” for this intelligence. Feminine wisdom is what flows directly from the Source of All through the heart of humankind for guidance.

Authentic wisdom, Sophia, is intuitive intelligence, beyond the reasoning mind, which flows to us and through us, in the mo­ment we need it. It is always fresh, easy to understand, and use­ful. Providing we use the knowledge, we will receive more of it to guide our lives. The old adage of “practice makes perfect” applies here.

It is easy to differentiate “feminine wisdom” from “traditional wisdom.” Feminine wisdom is information that benefits all life; whereas, traditional wisdom is information that is good for only a chosen few. Feminine wisdom is fluid, yielding, spontaneous, and Omni-present. We only need to daily step out of our whirl­wind lives, calm ourselves through meditation, listen, and feel for our wisdom.

BTY: Feminine Wisdom does not necessarily belong to women; all persons have access to feminine wisdom through their hearts. Wisdom’s quintessence is feminine! (Quintessence: the most perfect embodiment of something)

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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