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Who Is Your Dominant Goddess Archetype?


Last week’s Her Wisdoms was about the seven major archetypes within women, the “goddesses within.” I promised to write more about the “goddess within.” Thank you for your emails of satisfaction about this article. My intention is to share words of wisdom that point the way to empowered living and to encour­age you to share your wisdom with others so they may become empowered too. Did you take the goddess quiz on my website?

Who is your dominant goddess or leading lady? This is the most important goddess archetype to discover. She holds the wisdom of “how to live” your life purposefully.

I often hear people talking about finding their life purpose, as if they only have one. The truth is your life purpose is a choice, and living that choice purposefully is the magic. Understand­ing your dominant goddess will supply you with the power of wisdom to select the purpose that is just right for you now. Have you noticed how your life purpose changes every so often? As you evolve, learn new skills, and open up to more of your innate wisdom, the Universe presents more and more ideas to you for further self-discovery and growth.

Learning about your inner goddesses, especially your dominant goddess, provides you with means of understanding yourself on a deeper level, your relationships with men and women, your parents, your in-laws and your children better. Your goddesses offer wisdom into what is motivating, frustrating or satisfying to you, and not necessarily to other women. This awareness gives you tremendous wisdom to use in support of yourself and others.

Once a woman becomes aware of her goddess power, which is always influencing her life, she gains the power that knowl­edge provides. These goddesses are powerful, invisible forces that shape your behavior and influence your emotions, per Jean Bolen, M.D. When you know which goddess is dominant, you acquire insight about your strength of certain instincts, your pri­orities, your abilities, and possibilities of finding personal mean­ing, or purposeful living, through wise choices that others might not encourage.

Now go to my website: and re-take the goddess quiz. Be honest with yourself as you take it so you can find your dominant goddess and learn about her strengths and weaknesses. Now with this information go, start your life with empowered living through the wisdom of your inner goddesses.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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