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Why Do We Have Contrast In Life?


Life would not exist without variety and contrast. The very thing most of us dislike about our lives is what makes life work. How tediously boring to think that we would have no choices, no preferences, and no favorites! To think that everything could have been either pre-selected or one of a kind is appallingly drab. What would there be to live for? Can you imagine only one color for everything? One cookie recipe? One type of auto­mobile or all peoples looking the same? One type of woman or man? Imagine the same life experience for everyone. No choic­es whatsoever. 

It is remarkable that our Universe is so intelligent and wise and offers multiplicity to us to enjoy or to even dislike. Contrast, is the spice of life and without “it” life would be hideously uninter­esting. Yet we “piss and moan” about this gift a lot.

Through tons of research, I am convinced that variety and con­trast is absolutely necessary for humans to appreciate their lives. Thanks to these gifts we are innovative creators. Some people say they could do without the contrast in their lives, but in reality they could not. Contrast is their stimulus.

How could we make decisions without the oppor­tunity of variety? Variety brings about contrast to support our decision making. Without the availability that variety provides there would be no decision-making. Consequently, there would be nothing to focus our energy on or no reason to have an inten­tion. As a result without intention we could not create. Without the so-called “bad stuff,” (which I prefer to call contrast of life) how could we decide what we want? The answer… we could not!

If we pause and take a peek at our lives, we can immediately see how contrast has helped us make our decisions. We see the good in variety. We see the choices we have through this precious gift of multiplicity. A quick review of our lives sheds light on the importance of having the “privilege” to choose. Being able to dip from a universal “pot of soup” allows us to have a beautiful life of our own choosing.

Contrast, is a gift of great love from Spirit. We could have been created as robots and been given commands, performing day in and day out in a routine fashion, having no free will. Now that’s monotonous! We have it all, yet we are constantly com­plaining and condemning the contrast in our lives. Instead, we need to celebrate our freedom of choice and learn to appreciate contrast.

Life is about choosing not judging and complaining. Life is about making choices from the opportunities and experiences that are presented to us. Life is about making decisions from the “Universal Pot of Soup” and not telling the Head Chef that you don’t like the way it was prepared. You know where that at­titude will get you, don’t ya?! CHOOSE and then say, thank you… that was delicious. Each time making healthier choices as “contrast” teaches you. Our privilege and opportunity is to make a decision while holding no judgment about the other. This is where we seem to have major difficulties and need to develop the skill of non-judgment.

Contrast will serve you: We each know the energy of being “fed up” with something in our lives. How many times have we said, “I can’t stand it anymore?” At that time, we can make a deci­sion of what new thing/event/relationship we want to attract into our lives. Therefore, contrast serves a great purpose to help us get clear about what it is we desire at any point in time. Often we don’t even know what we want… until we get enough of what we don’t want, and then a miracle happens… clarity! We say to our self, “I sure don’t want any more of this stuff!” We have made a decision and magic happens, well, if not magic, at least some change has come from a new choice. Without con­trast we would remain in a lifeless state, forever and ever. So getting fed up with something is a good thing, not a bad thing. Through the power of contrast we quickly learn what we want and don’t want. Ultimately, we will go after more of what we do want. This is the way life works.

Without contrast and variety playing out in our life we would be stuck with the same old mundane things – old relationships, is­sues, people, food, etc. A friend of mine, Esther Hicks makes an amusing statement about the need for contrast, “If every person looked alike and acted alike how you would find yourself.”

Be grateful and appreciative for contrast. Think how truly de­lightful choice is… how exhilarating to be able to look at some­thing in life and say, “I’ll have that please,” or “No thank you Universe,” and continue holding your focus until your intention arrives.

You can create the life of your dreams through the gift of vari­ety and contrast!

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

© AW 2009, Revised © AW 2010

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