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Why Low Self-Esteem Still in Females?


Self-Esteem, regardless of how over-used the term, remains the most essential element for successful living. We get out of life what we think we deserve! And what we think we deserve comes from our self-image, which develops self-es­teem.

Most professionals agree that our self-esteem is determined when we are young children, and if we do not receive the proper building blocks to develop a healthy self-image, we will suffer our entire life from low self-esteem. The good news is that it is never too late to cultivate a healthy self-esteem. It does take determina­tion and work on our part, but it is well worth the effort.

Self-esteem issues in females effects not only us personally, but the entire world is affected because women rear and influence most of the world’s chil­dren.

Since more women every year are receiving educational degrees, higher paid jobs, starting businesses, and gaining positions of leadership and executive roles in government and business… why is low self-esteem ubiquitous regardless of the female’s background?

Let us contemplate for a few moments why females still have difficulty loving and accepting themselves, even highly educated females. Why do millions of females feel unworthy of an abundant life? Could it simply be because they are female?

Loving and accepting ourselves begins with first knowing, or believing, that we are worthy of self-love… exactly as we are. And in order to have self-love and worth, it must be passed on to us from our caretakers or mothers, and the people who influence us. If our mothers do not have healthy self-esteems, it is highly unlikely that we will. It is impossible for a mother to “mirror” to her child any quality that she does not believe she has.

 Many professionals and I believe that one of the major factors for unworthy is­sues/low self-esteem in women and girls (and in some men) stems from a false belief that comes from patriarchal religions of women being lesser than men.

Unfortunately, patriarchal religions teach that our creator is a male deity and that he created man firstly, in his image, and subsequently from man he created woman. This erroneous thought, or misinterpretation, of scripture, or the “cre­ation myth,” is a huge contributor to unworthy issues found in females. This “creation story” has condemned millions of females and caused more harm to us than any other single concept in the world

Before this “twist to the creation story,” a male deity (only), without a female partner, women were greatly honored in cultures for thousands and thousands of years. Women were equal, and took their rightful places in the world long before patriarchal religions were formed. This is a known fact in history. However, since the strong-arm of the patriarchy only a few thousand years ago, most women are considered lesser than men, and in many places in the world, lesser than animals. Why? Mainly because of a myth about the first woman being created from the rib of man and not directly from God as well; therefore, a second-class citizen, owned and controlled by man,”under submission or subjection of the male.”

I often wonder who wrote that creation story and why God changed the natural order of birth from female to male? Creating a female from a male is simply un­natural and silly to even think such a thing could happen in nature. It is nothing more than a patriarchal wish, as in Greek mythology, when the Greek God Zeus gave birth to his daughter, Athena, from the top of his head. People don’t believe that Greek myth, so why do they believe a similar birthing myth?

For those of you who like to read, I suggest reading in the Christian Bible: Gen­esis 1: 1-31 and 2 -13 and Genesis 2:5 – 25 (which the other patriarchal religions designated their dogmas) and consider why there are two extremely different versions of the “creation story” in the same book. One version mentions that both male and female were created in Our image simultaneously, which we hear little to nothing about, and the other story mentions this unnatural way of birth­ing woman from man. Surely this was a wish on the writer’s part, or perhaps he wrote in the style of a myth and did not realize that people would some day take his “story” as absolute truth. And with a little research, we can learn how that story was changed from its origin, which came out of ancient Sumer myths many years before the Bible was written.

I would like to hear your thoughts on the subject of why God changed the rules of nature for just this one moment in eternity, to allow “a man” to give birth to “a woman.”

Because of this “creation story,” ignorantly believed as absolute truth and not as “myth,” millions of women and girls have died painful, heinous deaths and are still suffering immensely today all over the world, and even in the U.S.

This unnatural “creation story” is the root to devastatingly low self-esteem found in many females, which few want to talk about! It is the elephant sitting in the middle of the living room, and most people are ignoring it.


Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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