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Wisdom and the Seven Innate Powers – Conclusion


This is the conclusion of the Power of Independence and by now you have a better understanding of this essential innate power and how it works within you.  My prayer is that this power has awakened more within you and is emerging to the point that you can see the results in every area of your life. Additionally, my prayer is that you have more understanding of the difference between “opening to” and “being” the Power of Independence rather than working on developing how to become independent. For most of us it is a difficult concept to grasp that we are already the power that we are seeking and that building that power is impossible. We need to realize that we just need to open up to what is already present within us. Perhaps a good example might be to think of the power of electricity. Humans did not create electricity; the power of electricity has always been on the planet. What humans did was to discover this amazing power, or you might say, open up to this power and then find ways to utilize it. We can look at each one of our seven innate powers in the same way. These seven powers have always been within us and once we discover these seven powers or understand that we have them, our next step is to open to them, accept them as being part of our endowment, and allow these powers to emerge and work in us and through us.

Our inner work is to “raise” the vibration of each innate power from levels of unawareness to wisdom. And this can be easily accomplished through our meditation practice or quiet time of “pondering” the different colored roses. This may not happen overnight to you; however, it will absolutely happen. The more you meditate or “be still”, the faster the innate powers will open and emerge from you. Spending a period of time being still is not a waste of time, yet the mind will try to convince you of that. The mind has been trained to always stay busy. Your work, providing you desire to be truly powerful, is to daily “train your mind” to relax and to listen to your heart’s direction.

Eckhart Tolle says that we can be enlightened by merely focusing on a flower; however, he does recommend that we not label the flower so that we can “know” its essence. Tolle mentions in his book “New Earth” that a teacher once gave an entire presentation by holding up a flower for his students to gaze upon. The teacher asked his students to focus on the flower for the length of time that he would normally speak. The teacher did not say another word and sat in silence. I have learned the power of concentrating on nature, too. I encourage you to focus using the power of “seeing” and use a red rose as the symbol for the Power of Independence. Allow the delicate and elegant red rose to show you her essence and power, too.

I often facilitate workshops on the Seven Innate Powers, but call them the Seven Innate Goddesses as in our book, "Sophia and the Seven Goddesses: A Journey to Self-Acceptance."  Women seem to relate even more so to a goddess archetype (female form) for a symbol, in lieu of the rose.

In Greek mythology, the Power of Independence is explained in terms of the Goddess Artemis, the goddess of the hunt and moon. Sometimes it is easier for women and girls to imagine having a power when they have a female role model to relate to. Mythology has been used for thousands of years as a teaching tool. I chose to use mythology not only because it is a powerful and effective communication tool to help get complex ideas across, but also because it is fun using the goddess archetypes as examples.

Today’s Her Wisdoms will give you another way to look at the innate Power of Independence through the eyes of Greek goddess mythology. Perhaps this metaphor will help you to open to even more of the wisdom of this power as you ponder the Goddess Artemis living and breathing inside of you.

The Greek Goddess Artemis could easily be called the Goddess of Independence because of the powers associated with her archetype.  The color red has been associated with her power for thousands of years because red is a color for power. She was known for her Power of Independence even before the Greeks “borrowed” this goddess and placed her in their Parthenon.

Mythology of Artemis:

Artemis was one of the twelve Olympians; however, some historians claim that she came to Greece via the Amazons, which is how the Greeks came to know of her. The Romans called her Goddess Diane, which may be closer to the meaning of her ancient Amazon name. (The name Diana is probably more fitting than Artemis. Diana is simply a form of Dia – the fundamental name of God in most Indo-European languages. In English, deity, divine, and theology are some of its variants. For those of you named Diane, you should be celebrating the meaning of your name if you aren’t already.)

Things to know about Artemis:

Parents: mother – Leto (a nymph), father – Zeus (king of the gods)

Twin brother: Apollo (Artemis was born first)

Governing Power: Independence (Goddess Artemis represents the force of nature)

Attributes of Artemis’ power:  Courage, freedom, adventure, persistence, competence, concentration, and success

Title and Responsibility: Goddess of the hunt and moon (later known as the Goddess of the moon); protector of women, children (especially during childbirth), creatures, and the wilderness

Archetype: Sister, as in friend to women; also powerful warrior/protector when called upon

Symbols: silver bow and quiver of arrows; pack of hounds (place an Artemis symbol nearby your favorite spot so that you can see it often to remind you of this essential power that lives within you)

Color: The color red is recognized as a stimulant color and is inherently exciting. The amount of red is directly related to the level of energy perceived (wear red when you need some energy or to connect to Artemis’ energy)

How the color red affects you mentally and physically:

  • Increases enthusiasm
  • Stimulates energy
  • Encourages action and confidence
  • Provides a sense of protection from fears and anxiety

Favorite activity: roaming through the woods, mountains, and meadows. (You may want to connect to nature when you need more of the Power of Independence. After all, Artemis did have a secret or two and perhaps staying close to nature was one of her secrets.)

Animals that symbolize Artemis’ qualities: stag, doe, hare, and quail (her allusiveness with nature)

Symbols are powerful things to use to support you as we learn to open to your innate powers. Symbols can be reminders of the innate powers that live within you and having these reminders around you helps support you as you do you inner work. Symbols also hold a vibration of power and help to invoke that desired power. I recommend that you place a picture of your favorite Artemis animal around you or any imagery of her power, perhaps a picture of Artemis as a reminder of this emerging power within you.

When opening up to the Artemis energy, the Power of Independence, it enables you to seek your own goals on terrain of your own choosing. This power allows you to be focused and to concentrate intensely on whatever you choose. Artemis power makes it possible to hit a self-chosen mark and accomplish it. Invite Artemis into your life today and open more and more to your innate Power of Independence within.

One of the main reasons that I developed WisdomDollsTM was for women and girls to use them as mighty symbols of power and to support awakening the powers within them. I know through much research and study that by often seeing a symbol like a doll that simultaneously represents an innate power, we feel supported by that symbol to open to that power more quickly. We relate to a doll as us and her power as ours as well. Sadly to say, WisdomDollTM Goddess Artemis will not arrive until spring 2009; however, when she does you will definitely want to add her to your collection of innate power objects. You will want to place her somewhere in your home or office so that you can glance at her often, reminding you of this vital Power of Independence that lives within you.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

© AW 2009, Revised © AW 2010

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