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Wisdom and the Seven Innate Powers – Creativity


Today we will discuss our second innate power, the Power of Creativity. This could be visualized as the orange rose in your crystal vase. Pull it out and take a long look at it. Is your orange rose still a bud opened partially, or is it in full bloom? This is another rose that you will want to allow to open to her full bloom in order to supply you with creative ideas and concepts that will support your life in a knowing and balanced way. This power works hand in hand with the Power of Independence because it supplies you with creative thoughts, which inspire you to live your life purposely and in a balanced way.

The Power of Independence depends upon your Power of Creativity being open so that they can “live off of each other”. These two powers are interdependent, as all of the seven powers, and you cannot live an empowered life until each rose is open to full bloom. This means that you may want to concentrate on each rose daily as you meditate to support the opening of all the roses in your crystal vase.

Our roses are a part of the natural support system that has been designed for human beings so that we may function as aware or knowing people. This is a system that can be viewed as a network within us, and, if you will, outside of us, as well. Of course, everything is connected in the great web of life, so please consider the above sentence in the context that it is written. You already know that there is nothing outside of us…when you consider who we really are.

When we are closed down to our creativity, our independence suffers, too, and so do the other innate powers. We live the life of dread and struggle; therefore, it behooves us to become keenly aware of the importance of “opening” to the Wisdom of each power and “allowing” that Wisdom to flow daily into our lives for constant empowerment.

 As we study these seven innate powers we will begin to notice that they are a powerful network, and can be considered a circuitry that functions to bring us Wisdom. Ponder this for a few moments. Above and beyond our physical bodies we have another energetic body that could be considered a network or a circuitry system that contains the seven innate powers and much more.  And as we spiritually grow, this network brings into our physical and spiritual lives the Wisdom we need to live as aware human beings. If we do not open to these innate powers of Wisdom, we will continue to live in unawareness; lost and looking for someone to bail us out or save us.

I encourage you this week to meditate on your orange rose of creativity and see what comes forth for you. Journal your result each day as Wisdom comes forth and speaks to you about your unique power of creativity. Go back each day to re-read the Wisdom given to you. Do not question your writing; simply write from your heart and not your head. If the information given to you is good for you and all concerned, then you are receiving Wisdom. If your writing is only good for you, revisit it and place a hand on your heart for a few minutes before again writing. When your writing is not good for the “All”, you can bet that you are in your head and not your heart. Wisdom is always good for the “All”.  Just sit and “be” and write from your heart, and be amazed of the creative Wisdom that will come forth.

Next week, we will discuss this power in the form of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite and how she works in your life as the Power of Creativity. Goddess Aphrodite has been considered the goddess of creativity for thousands of years; however, somewhere along the way she was mistaken as only the goddess of sexuality. In our next Her Wisdoms, you will learn the truth about this goddess and how she can help you manifest your purposeful and creative life through her Wisdom. She is much more than the goddess of sexuality; without her, there would be no music, song, dance, art, or beauty. Tune in as you will not want to miss our next Her Wisdoms.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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