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Wisdom and the Seven Innate Powers – Learning Life’s Magic


Every one of us is born with powers that we barely tap into. These innate powers lay dormant waiting for our recognition and application. These powers are the keys to empowerment and living the life we were promised by many great spiritual teachers and philosophers. Nevertheless, we rarely (if ever) use these powers and we continue to seek guidance outside of ourselves.
In today's world, there are many "life experts" who seem to have all the answers. We try them. They don't work. So, we give up and go back to our mundane life of struggle and strife. After a while, we trust someone else to give us the answers, but eventually wind up back in the same place. Sadly, we don't see that as we trust others to give us the guidance we want, we also give away your power, which leaves us feeling powerless over our lives. Seldom is our life effortless and flowing because we refuse to believe in our own power and how simple receiving or knowing our answers can be. Our minds want to complicate things because we have been taught that we must learn from the outside in, instead of the inside out. As we continue to ignore our innate gifts of power, we "just cope" with many of life's problems.

Yet, everything we need to know is within, as the wise folks say. The problem is how do we find it? How do we find that information or the answers? And, when we do eventually find it, how do we trust and know it is the right solution for our situation? Understanding what is meant by "living fully human", as Mary Magdalene said in her gospel, shows us that if we embrace our innate gifts of power, we will be set free from that life of powerlessness and be able to live the life God designed for us.

To live fully as we were designed, to see the magic in our lives, we must learn how to open up to these seven centers, which I call the goddess power centers, and live from the Wisdom or answers that flow to us from each of them. I refer to them as the goddess power centers because Wisdom is considered a feminine word in all romantic languages; therefore, goddess is a very fitting word. Sophia (Greek for Wisdom's answers) flows through these centers and is funneled into our hearts to give us direction and our answers.

Now, your next question might be – how do I receive the Wisdom from each goddess center that flows into my heart so that I can utilize it? Remember… Wisdom is always flowing to you; you don't have to do a thing since God has already taken care of it for you. It is in the design of a human being. Just as the beat of your heart is an involuntary action, so is the automatic activity of Wisdom flowing to you from each goddess power center. Your mission is to allow the Wisdom to flow through you easily and effortlessly.

The first step to utilizing these centers is to become aware of them. Whether you are a man or a woman, you must realize and accept that you have been endowed and blessed with these seven goddess power centers and that each holds answers of wisdom for you and your life alone.

The second step is to understand that these goddess centers have varying degrees of Wisdom and that you must learn to open up to the Wisdom of each center to receive your answers. (Your goal eventually would be to open to the full wisdom of each goddess center and to live from that awareness.) This is a simple process, yet not easy for most because of our conditioning. We want our answers now! Instantly! And we can't seem to wait or be still long enough to allow Wisdom to flow through us with our answers for the magical life we all ask and pray for.
Since the 1st step is to become aware of the 7 goddess power centers, let's ponder each one slowly:

  1. The Wisdom of Independence
  2. The Wisdom of Creativity
  3. The Wisdom of Will Power
  4. The Wisdom of Love
  5. The Wisdom of Truth
  6. The Wisdom of Intuition
  7. The Wisdom of Peace

Whether we believe it or not, or know it or not, we live each day second by second from these goddess power centers, and if we are aware and living in the present moment, we can live in the highest range of each power receiving wisdom for our lives. If we are not aware of these centers, then we live from wherever our consciousness is registering at that point in time.

For example, think of each goddess center as having degrees or vibrations of consciousness, with the range of 1 degree being low to 10 degrees being high. Most of us live fluctuating from 3-5 degrees or vibrations and sometimes we even live unconscious. Yikes! Remember those moments? Our lives point this out vividly because we have some good days and we have some not-so-good days. Seldom do we live in the flow knowing what to do next for our highest and best, and for the good of all. Sadly, few of us ever live in the magic zone of 9-10 degrees.

Goddess Power Centers Degree Scale:

10 Degrees 1 Degree
Independent Dependent
Creative Uncreative
Willpower/Volition Powerlessness
Love Fear/Judgment
Truth/Authentic Falsity/Not genuine
Clarity/Intuition Uncertainty/Vague
Peace/Neutrality Aggression/Resistance

This week, take the time each day to just be aware of your goddess power centers and practice noticing your degrees of vibrations or consciousness. In a series of articles of Her Wisdoms, I will explain more about how to raise your consciousness/your vibrations in each of your goddess power centers so that you can live the magical life you have always dreamed of!

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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