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Wisdom and the Seven Innate Powers – Part 2


Last Tuesday I wrote about the Seven Innate Powers in "Her Wisdoms.” If you haven't read that article, you may want to go to our website and read or review it before starting Part 2. In the article, I mentioned that the first step to utilize these seven innate powers was the awareness or recognition of them, and the second step was to understand that these powers work within us in varying degrees. Our goal is to open more fully to these powers for the purpose of receiving our answers and to live an empowered life.

Often on our life's spiritual journey we become somewhat frazzled and disillusioned by our struggles and pain and look for an easy way out. Instead of "digging into" and "opening up" to our seven innate powers, we refuse to take responsibility for where we are in our lives and find ways to "spiritually check out." This "checking out of life" before "we're done" is what I call Spiritual Suicide!

Sometimes we "check out" by getting involved with teachings that encourage us to focus on another's spiritual philosophy instead of doing our own inner work and waking up to who we are. We become distracted by spiritual fantasies. We end up trying to live "out of our bodies" in order to become more spiritual instead of getting in touch with how to live "in our bodies" in order to understand being human.  This is one of the reasons we came to earth for spirit to experience matter. Another way we "check out spiritually" is to become hypnotized by overloading our systems with information such as books, seminars, CD's, and DVD's. We could be considered info spiritual junkies, using little of the info that we get, yet seeking more and more info all the time.  As you already know this is an ego-mind game that prevents us from doing our real work. The mind is never satisfied and only the heart can give us this satisfaction.

The above "busy stuff" never works because each person still has to go down the path of learning and growing her or his own soul, in other words, "going down under and digging deep".  Even if we learn how to temporarily bypass, check out, or avoid living "the body experience", we eventually will have to do our inner work. What I mean by this is that we have to take full responsibility for our earthly lives, surrender to the wisdom of our hearts, and live it. We must learn how to take care of ourselves. There is no escape of growing our souls… there is only postponement of the inevitable. Okay then, let's go grow our souls! Read on!

The first innate power we will discuss today is the Power of Independence. The Power of Independence has many characteristics and one of them is the color red. Yes, each power has a color. The following are other characteristics of this power: Adventure, Energy, Decision, Focus, Concentration, Assertion, Thrive, Autonomy, Courage, and Competence.

Here is a sentence to sum up this power… The Power of Independence provides energy so that we can take care of ourselves, completely. One might affirm… "All of my needs are taken care of through the Wisdom of Independence."

When we are living fully in this power, we have a strong spiritual warrior living within us. We are considered free and independent beings. Some people may resent our independence because they do not understand that this power is within them, too. You now can share this wisdom with them.

A person who has Wisdom of Independence flowing into his or her life:

  •     Recognizes his or her need to stay connected to nature
  •     Daily "hunts down" the truth within
  •     Advocates for the good of all people, including animals and earth
  •     Feels complete or whole without another person
  •     Has a strong sense of self
  •     Does not play the role of "poor me"
  •     Feels equal to others – no better, no less
  •     Has healthy boundaries. Can say "no" without coming from negativity
  •     Is a free spirit
  •     Does not need the approval of others

The Lower Vibration Characteristics of the Power of Independence is the called Victim Energy. It is considered by some teachers, physicians, and healers as the shadow or dark side of the power. I need not explain these particular characteristics because most of us recognize them and have dealt with them often in our lives. It is easy to know the characteristics of Victim Energy, simply look at the opposite of the characteristics of the Power of Independence and you have them.

When we are functioning on a low vibration or degree, we are living on an unconsciousness level. We then experience the opposite of our power. We forget to live through our hearts and subsequently we experience the troubled life. Being willing to connect daily to our Heart's Wisdom is key to living an empowered life. Learning to pause and place our hand over our hearts when we notice that we are "out of power" will reconnect us to that sacred Stillness or Wisdom within us. This takes practice and willingness to overcome the power of the mind to fight or be right!

It appears that the most difficult thing for us to do is to STOP and spend time daily in silence or quiet time, opening to the Wisdom that flows naturally to us and through us, supporting the balance we need to live the magical life we all want. We are so willing to pay for it, borrow it, fight for it, pray for it, beg for it, and negotiate for it, but few of us are willing to sit and wait for it.

During your meditation or quiet time, invite Wisdom to open the Power of Independence within you and be willing to receiving it as it is given to you.

Next week we will delve more into the Power of Independence helping us better understand how to transform our lives through the characteristics of this gift.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

© AW 2009, Revised © AW 2010

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