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Wisdom and the Seven Innate Powers – Part 3


Last Tuesday, I wrote Part 2 regarding the Seven Innate Powers in "Her Wisdoms.” Today we begin Part 3. If you have not read that article, I encourage you to visit to read or review Part 2 before starting Part 3.

 In Part 2, I mentioned that the first step to utilizing the Seven Innate Powers is to become aware of each power, and that the second step is to understand that each power is within you, operating in varying degrees. These innate powers are always available to you according to your personal consciousness.  A goal might be to daily open more fully to each power through a meditation practice or a planned time to be still.

One of the benefits of being still is that it allows Wisdom to saturate your innate powers, opening them wider and subsequently unveiling the answers for your personal journey. Scheduling time to be still also heightens your awareness, while giving you another benefit – the gift of understanding. Being still, for a period of time each day creates a vacuum inside of one's self, which then allows Wisdom a place to live and flow to and through. Being a "wisdom-person" becomes your everyday norm and you live and breathe in this guidance system rather than in the occasional "Aha!" moments you used to receive.

Sometimes metaphors are helpful when trying to understand a new or complex subject. With this in mind, I will share a favorite image of mine regarding the Seven Innate Powers.

Visualize a bouquet of seven lovely roses. The roses are contained in a crystal vase; each rose being a color of the rainbow. Use your creative imagination. See the vivid colors. The roses are arranged so that you may view each one distinctly, yet you may also see the roses as one brilliant floral design. Close your eyes if you need to envision this picture. Pause for a moment. Do not rush this visual. Next, notice that each rosebud is open in varying degrees, opposed to a fully blossomed rose. The red and orange roses are open three-quarters of the way and the green rose is open halfway. The blue rose is open a quarter of her potential and remains a soft, plump bud. The indigo rose is slightly open, and the purple rose remains a tightly closed bud. I am sure you can visualize this rainbow of roses and the degree of opening, depending on their time in the blossoming process.

The rainbow rose metaphor is an intriguing way to picture the Seven Innate Powers. Think of each rose being one of your innate powers. Some powers are more open to you than others. Some of your powers may be in full bloom while others have yet to bud. The roses serve as a beautiful example of how your powers might be within you. Ponder your bouquet and become aware of the roses you need to open into full bloom.

Roses open to full bloom depending upon the health of the bush, the amount of water received, the condition of the soil and the type of fertilizer used. There are other items to consider about the opening to full bloom: the characteristics of each rose; the amount of sunshine received; and the TLC.

The above is true of our Seven Innate Powers. Each power within us opens and offers Wisdom depending upon whether we water, fertilize, or give proper nourishment. Our Seven Innate Powers are similar to the roses in that they need to be placed in the light of meditation, grown in good soil, fertilized with love, watered with prayer, and nurtured with study.

Our innate powers will open from bud to blossom when we become aware of them and learn to be them. Once this happens we will make our transcendence, which is necessary to live the empowered life we are seeking.  As we allow each rose within to open more and more each day, we will soon notice our answers being present for us and our lives will be in the "flow". Wisdom holds the answers. The answers to our lives have always been within us, tucked inside the delicate buds of our innate powers.  It is up to us to do our work and open to Wisdom. As the roses open to the morning light and show off their rare and individual beauty, so must we!

Picking up again from last week's article, let's discuss a little more about the characteristics of the first power…the Power of Independence.  Imagine the Power of Independence being the red rose in your crystal vase. How open is your red rose? Do you have a feeling of independence and freedom? Are you financially able to care for yourself and those whom depend upon you? Are you surviving or thriving? Do you struggle each month to make ends meet or pay your obligations with enough left to save and share?

The Power of Independence is a gift to you so that you may take care of yourself and be independent and free to explore and experience the world through co-creating with God. Your work is to open to the wisdom of this power that is already tucked inside of you. Your work is to "Be" this power as opposed to becoming this power or taking on this power or using this power or working hard to develop this power.  There is a major difference between "being this power of independence" and "learning to use the power of independence". Please contemplate this during your still time for clarity of what is meant by "being this power" in lieu of "becoming this power". Being the Power of Independence is extremely different than becoming independent.

Study is essential for each one of us and through education we learn what others know. Once we have studied and learned, then we must practice the "state of being" so that we may know of, and also own, our power. It is fun to learn the attributes of each power and to study each one and have this information in our minds. This makes us feel "educated" and this is a good and important thing. Once we have gone through this system, we must graduate and learn next how to "be" these powers instead of always trying to become these powers. Perhaps there is a rose that you want to sit and meditate with in order to have more of her beauty and power available to you.

This week set aside 10 minutes daily to ponder the red rose, the Power of Independence. Incorporate the red rose within you. Use the metaphor and imagine that you are the crystal vase holding the seven roses. Picture the petals of your red rose opening wider and wider each day within you as you take the time to be still. Visualize her petals receiving the nourishment that you are supplying through your stillness.  Allow Wisdom to open each delicate red petal as you simultaneously open to more of your Power of Independence. As you see your red rose opening wider each day, feel the power of her emanating throughout your entire body, beginning at the root of your spine and flowing through your every cell. Pretend you are sitting in the middle of the rose, soaking in her knowingness. Bask in her power and breathe in her beauty. Move yourself deeper and deeper into your red rose, going directly into the center, feeling her soft velvety petals and becoming intoxicated by her fragrance. You can almost taste the richness of your rose/power as you become one with her and move into full bloom.

Next week, we will delve more into the Power of Independence, allowing more clarity concerning this essential subject.

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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