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Wisdom and the Seven Innate Powers – Part 4


I continue this week writing about the Power of Independence. This first power is significant because the other powers build upon it.  If we do not establish this power completely we will not have a good foundation to build on for the other six powers. Each power opens accordingly to your recognition of it, your willingness to accept that particular power, yet each depends upon the other since it is an integrated system that supplies you with Wisdom to live the life of your intentions. Again, I encourage you to visit to read or review Parts 1, 2, & 3 of this power in order to not feel like you have just walked into the middle of a movie.

Synopsis of Part 3:
I used the metaphor of the seven roses in a crystal vase. I asked you to visualize this image as your seven innate powers and, in your picturing, see each rose as a different color or the rainbow and each rose opening into full bloom. Do you have “create” time to do this colorful meditation? If so, you have to feel more empowered and wiser than before. I encourage you to practice this visualization daily for just a few minutes, until you are that powerful and wise being of your intention. Will you create the time to meditate for a few minutes to be wiser?

Let’s imagine that through your meditation Wisdom has opened your red rose of independence to full bloom. For one minute, grab and hold onto that superb feeling of independence, security, and freedom. How does it feel?  How different would your life be if this power were working full capacity within you?  Note that I did not ask you what you think about, but rather how you feel.  There is a secret in the way I asked the question. Now, relax in that energy of satisfaction and contentment and feel the relief of knowing that the Power of Independence has opened up inside of you.  How glorious it is to not have a care or worry about your ability to take care of yourself, especially regarding money matters?

Money matters are dense and seem to weigh people down much more than they should.  We spend too much time concerned over money matters or trying to survive, leaving us with little or no time to do the things our heart desires. How good it is to have that feeling of security and to be able to focus on other things you want to create besides taking up so much of your time and energy trying to survive?  How empowering it is to thrive instead of strive? To live with your red rose fully opened and with the power of independence flowing in you and through you moment by moment is the way God intended for you to live!

Meditating on the Power of Independence or the red rose within you to open more each day will change your life completely and for the good. There is no other way than to be still and recognize that this power is emanating inside of you and the “work” is for you to open to it.  There are no gimmicks or tricks to opening to your power. There is only meditation. You must commit to “being” that power in order to receive the power you need. Remember being and becoming are two separate and distinctly different items.

Since we are much more than what we see, feel, and think, we must learn that we are not the results of these seven innate powers or the “things” we are trying to get or achieve through them. Rather we are the Wisdom or as Elkhart Tolle says, “the light of consciousness” behind these things. The Power of Independence cannot come to you…ever! In his book "A New Earth," Toole says, “It emanates from the formless dimension within you, from consciousness itself and thus is one with who you are.”  Ponder this during your meditation or quiet time. Repeating his quote during your meditation will support you in recognizing this truth.

You do not become independent by trying to be independent, but through discovering the independence that is already within you and then allowing that power of independence to emerge from you. Again, I would like to quote Tolle, “The source of all abundance is not outside of you. It is part of who you are.” This is true of any of the seven innate powers or roses. It is crucial to “get” Tolle’s message in order to have access to each of your innate powers. Simply accept that each power is a part of who and what you are, and then allow that power to emerge from you and as it does it will teach you everything you need to know about that power. Why?  Because it is “knowingness or Wisdom” Herself.

Next week, I will write the last article regarding the Power of Independence before beginning our series on the Power of Creativity.  I will share a final tip about this power and how you can be this essential power without acting, pretending, or being phony!

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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