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Wisdom and the Seven Innate Powers – Will


Every innate power contains endless Wisdom. You could imagine each innate power as a repository of Wisdom. Part 2 of the Power of Will is to encourage you to continue to focus by using your Power of Will during your mediation to go deeper and deeper into your heart center, which allows more Wisdom to come forth supporting your life. It is important to allow Wisdom to come forth so that each of your seven innate powers continues to grow, opening and strengthening their vibration. Remember the vase of seven colorful roses? The Power of Will is your yellow rose and, as it expands, Wisdom will flow to you to use in your daily life, not just for your spiritual life, but also for what some call your "mundane everyday life".

Allowing more Wisdom to flow daily into your life, means that you have access to Wisdom, moment by moment, as needed. This alone will change that so-called "mundane life" into a magical one!  Wisdom is not something that you want to collect or necessarily jot down on paper every time you have a Wisdom thought. Rather, use your Wisdom as it flows to you in each moment of the day, and know that it is ALWAYS available for you. There is no need to save it, try to remember it, or write it down. Simply USE IT since it won't go away and will always present itself to you on an "as needed basis". This is how the entire Universe works. Don't you think that our politicians could take a look into this Universal Wisdom law to see what they could learn?

As you allow Wisdom to flow into every part of your life, you create a better "you" and a better world. Growing is not about simply becoming an "enlightened being" only to hide your light under a bushel. No!  It is about "letting your light shine" and creating a good life for you and your family by using your innate Wisdom powers. So, during your meditation this week, go deeper into your heart center and ask for your heart to carry you deeper and deeper into your own innate wisdom. Be with that for a while and then ask for that inner Wisdom to come forward to be used in your daily life.

Life is about growing and enjoying the process as you evolve. Growth should not be something that is dreaded, but rather something that is welcomed and appreciated. Open to the reservoir of Wisdom inside your heart. It is there waiting for you to go deeper and deeper to bring forth the Wisdom you need in your life. Next, live your Wisdom for the world to see and encourage others to do the same. Wisdom teaches us that She is not to be held secret for just a "chosen few".  Instead, She is to be shared with others so that they, too, may see their innate wisdom powers and become powerful and wise co-creators that will lead the way to the "New Earth"!

In Greek mythology, the Power of Will, or Leadership, is explained in terms of the Goddess Athena who is the goddess of Wisdom, Leadership, and Crafts. Sometimes, it is easier for women and girls to imagine having a power when they have a female role model like Goddess Athena to relate to. Mythology has been used for thousands of years as a teaching tool. I chose to use mythology not .only because it is a powerful and effective communication tool to help get complex ideas across, but also because it is fun using the goddess archetypes for examples.

While looking through the lens of Greek goddess mythology, perhaps you can allow the Power of Will to awaken within you even more by pondering the Athenian Woman who represented that power. How powerful is it for a woman to claim and own her much need Goddess Athena power! Throughout mythological history, Goddess Athena used her Power of Wisdom/Leadership to rule the Grecian empire and was known as one of the most benevolent goddesses of her time. Her story was so impressive that it is still told and enjoyed by millions of people five thousand years later.
The Greek Goddess Athena could easily be called the Goddess of willpower because of the many characteristics associated with her archetype.  The color yellow has been associated with her power for thousands of years, even pre-Athena times. Athena was born not as a baby, but as an adult woman clothed in golden armor from head to toe and was given the attributes that go with the color yellow-gold.

Mythology of Athena:

Athena was one of the twelve Olympians who lived on Mt Olympus.  She was known as Minerva to the Romans who copied almost all Greek mythology. Athens was her namesake and the Greeks prayed to Athena to lead and guide them in times of peace and in times of war. She was also known as the Goddess of War and given credit as the first person to ever create "laws" to fight by. No cities were to be destroyed, nor hospitals or schools to be burned. Children, women, and elders were protected under her rules, and soldiers only fought soldiers on the battle field. These were Athena's rules of warfare. She was called the most benevolent goddess of all and was rarely selfish, had few ulterior motives, and was always ethical.

Things to know about Athena:

Her mother Metis was an ocean deity known for her Wisdom, and her father Zeus, King of Gods, fathered many other goddesses on Mt Olympus.
Siblings: She had no brothers or sisters. She was the favorite child of Zeus and was known to be her "father's daughter".

Her governing power:
The Power of Will and Leadership. Goddess Athena represented the power to take action and to "getter done". She would be a wise businesswoman if she were living right now. One could say that Goddess Athena is living through the wise business women of today.

Attributes of the Athena power: Athena had the qualities of leadership, courage, discernment, strategy, responsibility, dependability, and strength. She had a strong sense of self, was self-empowered and self-sufficient, and was a problem-solver.

Title and Responsibility: She was the Goddess of Wisdom, Leadership, and Crafts. She was also the protector and patron of the city of Athens and the champion of heroes.

She was the Hero-leader that is found within each one of us, and was also the Goddess of discernment and wisdom.

Her shield, branded with the head of medusa, her spear, and the owl all symbolize her wisdom. The olive tree and the loom are also symbols of Athena. (Place one of these Athena symbols near where you can see it often to remind you of this essential power that lives within you.) I highly recommend placing a WisdomDollTM Athena doll on your desk or in your meditation room as a powerful reminder of the Athenian woman who lives within you. The doll is beautifully dressed in an authentic golden-yellow Greek costume with armor. Treat yourself to an early holiday gift – a gift that symbolizes your inner Wisdom and will continue to give to you for years.

Animals that symbolize Artemis' qualities: the owl.

Color:  For thousands of years, Athena's color (yellow) has represented Wisdom and the Power of Will.  The color yellow can stimulate your nervous system, help to activate your memory, and encourage communication.  It is a color that helps support optimism, energy, and comfort. (Wear yellow when you need some extra willpower or a "kick in the butt, or to simply connect to your Athena energy.)

Symbols are powerful objects to use to support yourself as you learn to open to your innate powers. Symbols can be reminders of the innate powers that live within you. Having these reminders around helps support you as you do you inner work. Try placing an owl on your desk and note how it reminds you of your Athena wisdom.
I recommend that you place an Athena WisdomDollTM nearby you as a reminder of this emerging wisdom within you.  Remember WisdomDollsTM are symbols and teachers of wisdom, innate beauty, and power found in every woman and girl.

When opening up to the Athena energy, the Power of Will, it will enable you to empower that wisdom-leader within you. One of the main reasons that I developed WisdomDollsTM was for women and girls to use them as mighty symbols of their own innate powers and to support the process of awakening the powers within them. I know through much research and study that by seeing a symbol often, like a doll, which simultaneously represents an innate power, that symbol will support us to open to that power more quickly. We identify with that doll and her power as well. It becomes our power. You will want to place your Athena goddess doll somewhere in your home or office so that you can glance at her often, reminding you of the vital Power of Will and the ability to lead, especially during a time such as we are living that needs Wisdom-leadership!

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

© AW 2009, Revised © AW 2010

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